A few days ago, we saw reports claiming that Blizzard could potentially announce at this year’s BlizzCon a couple of major games. Rumors have it that the game developer might announce “Diablo 4” and “Overwatch 2.” Although we have heard so little about “Overwatch 2’s” announcement, a new leak surfaced online, giving a more convincing piece of evidence that could prove that the heavily speculated game indeed exists.

The rumor about “Overwatch 2” started when reporter Jason Schreier mentioned the game earlier this year with subsequent claims and leaks following soon. But, an alleged image of the “Overwatch 2” logo, as well as its popular hero Tracer, recently surfaced online. There is also another image making rounds online showing an “Overwatch 2” and Coca-Cola promotion with the same logo.

At this point, it is almost impossible that one or both images with the game’s logo are not accurate. But, considering that these did not officially come from Blizzard, it is safer not to take these images with a pinch of salt. However, according to GameRant, even if these logos are not real, all indicators point to “Overwatch 2” being launched at BlizzCon 2019 on Nov. 1, 2019.

At this point, there is very little information about “Overwatch 2” or what it will be aside from the earlier leaks and speculations. Apparently, the next iteration will focus more on the game’s PvE aspect, with some comparing the upcoming game to “Left 4 Dead” by Valve. Several other rumors claim that the upcoming game from Blizzard will have both PvE and PvP but will have a distinct twist to set it apart from the first game installment.

Blizzard has yet to make a comment about the leaked images and logo that allegedly belong to “Overwatch 2.” BlizzCon 2019 is just a few days away, which means that “Overwatch” and “Overwatch 2” fans will just have to wait a little longer to prove is the game will be indeed announced during the upcoming event. If the recent claims about the second “Overwatch” installation are accurate, Blizzard has successfully developed the game with minimal leaks.

“Overwatch 2” is speculated to be in the development, but its gaming platforms are not yet unspecified at this time.