Overwatch Anniversary Event team assemble! Blizzard

Overwatch’s Anniversary Event might be a little underwhelming, but it still has a ton of cool emotes, sprays, icons and Legendary skins. The concept artists and developers worked to release 11 new Legendary skins, each one more exciting than the last. Zarya and Hanzo mains, who have been neglected in previous events, got the skins of their dreams. Bastion players who like NASCAR now have a cosmetic that shows off their interests. That’s just on the surface, when you dig deeper you find even cooler secrets and Easter eggs hidden in these skins.

Here are just a few of the Easter eggs I’ve found while checking out the skins and emotes released in the Overwatch Anniversary Event.

Jazzy Lucio

Jazzy Lucio
Drop the beat and play some epic sax! Blizzard

In the developer Update for this event, Game Director Jeff Kaplan said he wanted to give Lucio mains new songs to play around with. If you pick Jazzy Lucio in a game, both of his EDM bopping beats have been replaced by jazz covers. The songs are pretty enjoyable to listen to on their own, and if you’re an old geezer like me who just didn’t vibe with his DJ persona, this is a must-buy skin.

Whoever worked on this skin went the extra mile, there’s even a musical scale replacing the meter on the back of Lucio’s gun.

Beekeeper Mei

Beekeeper Mei
I pulled Beekeeper Mei in my first Loot Box, then proceeded to get nothing for the rest of the batch Blizzard

Mei’s suit looks bulky like a beekeeper’s, so maybe it just made sense to make a skin with her in the actual suit. I’m not sure it’s that simple, though; I’m convinced that this Legendary cosmetic is actually a reference to a very old Overwatch design. In one of the original concept arts released for Overwatch, there’s a tiny guy in a yellow hazmat suit. The coloring and style is reminiscent of Beekeeper Mei, though it could just be a coincidence. Still, I’m going to keep my tinfoil hat on and believe that this isn’t just an accident -- even if she’s wearing all white.

Sentai Genji

Sentai Genji
Sentai Genji, the Green Ranger Blizzard

Did you know that the Power Rangers show you loved as a kid was actually just recut footage of a Japanese television show called Super Sentai? Here’s a virtual homage to the show filled with spandex, rubber monsters and has been running on television longer than I’ve been alive.

Oasis Symmetra

She glows in the dark, nuff' said.

Dances Galore

To celebrate the birthday of Overwatch, concept artists went into the minds of the game’s heroes and asked “what would they dance like if you saw them at a party?” Turns out, it’s a lot of memes and references to really old videos.

Zarya is flexing her muscles to the 1988 National Aerobic Championship number. There’s a lot of spandex in that gif, so be warned.

Mei’s Anniversary Event dance is a reference to the anime The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya that my girlfriend couldn’t wait to tell me about.

Everyone else just seems to be busting a move, or whatever you’d call Reaper’s foot tap. Junkrat’s rocking the MC Hammer “Hammertime” dance, Roadhog is dancing the cabbage patch, Mercy is reminding me of all the Bar Mitzvahs I went to with that hustle and so many more.

What have you uncovered in the Overwatch Anniversary Event that I might have missed? Tell us in the comments.