• "Overwatch Mobile" could arrive soon
  • A new report detailed Blizzard's plan for the mobile title
  • Blizzard is currently working on "Overwatch 2"

While Blizzard is still mum on the specific release date of "Overwatch 2," a new report claims that the gaming studio has been working on "Overwatch Mobile" and has plans to release it alongside the hit game's second installment.

The latest information comes from Dexerto editor Richard Lewis, who has not provided his sources but notes that he has it on "good authority" to believe it. The revelation was made on "The Four Horsemen" podcast Friday. At the time, Lewis was discussing with MonteCristo Mykels, Duncan Shields and Erik Lonnquist about the layoffs at Activision Blizzard and their impact on the upcoming titles.

When the topic touched on mobile gaming and its impact on the industry, Lewis shared that Blizzard was planning to launch "Overwatch Mobile," the mobile counterpart of the hit game, alongside "Overwatch 2." The gaming studio reportedly wanted the game's mobile version to be "ready" when the sequel releases. Apparently, Blizzard was planning to launch "Overwatch 2" along with "Overwatch Mobile" prior to the pandemic.

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The goal reportedly was to launch "Overwatch Mobile" in the lead-up to the launch of "Overwatch 2" to build each other. Lewis' statement could mean that the gaming studio changed its initial plan after the company allowed its employees to work from home because of the pandemic. There is a chance that Blizzard may have already changed the release timeline of "Overwatch Mobile" and "Overwatch 2."

News about "Overwatch Mobile" is not surprising since it has been rumored for quite some time. In one of the company's investors' calls, Blizzard President and COO Daniel Alegre explained the importance of tapping into the mobile gaming market. Even "Overwatch" director Jeff Kaplan hinted about this at the recent Reddit AMA. Kaplan said "Overwatch" has "years of lore planned," adding that he is "excited about telling stories in new ways and using new mediums."

In 2018, Blizzard said it wanted mobile versions of all its major game franchises. The ongoing development of "Diablo Immortal" is one proof that Blizzard is going on that route. While the details about "OVerwatch Mobile" are interesting, fans should take it with a pinch of salt.