Cyberdemon Zarya
Cyberdemon Zarya should be in Overwatch Blizzard

Heroes Of The Storm will add Genji this week, the fourth member from the Overwatch team to fight the rest of Blizzard’s defenders of the nexus. If you’re a huge Overwatch fan who’s dying for new skins for heroes like Lucio, Tracer and Zarya, you might want to look to HOTS for a little inspiration. The game designers have been introducing skins to the game for these heroes that aren’t in their original game; could these skins come to Overwatch ?

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This is entirely speculation, but there’s merit to the idea. Heroes Of The Storm is a celebration of all things Blizzard, with characters from every game the company has ever produced. It would make sense for the house that Orcs built to try and release skins that cross-pollinate cosmetics in both games. See a badass-looking Oni Genji in Overwatch? Why not try him out in Heroes Of The Storm , where he has the exact same abilities, so you don’t have to relearn the cyber ninja?

You’re here to see some skins, not read my Blizzard conspiracy theories:

Steel Dragon Genji
Steel Dragon Genji is to spiky for hugs PVPLive

Steel Dragon Genji

“How do you make a robotic cyber ninja look more threatening?” a Heroes Of The Storm artist theoretically said in the drawing room of Blizzard’s Anaheim headquarters. “I know, add more plates of armor!” HOTS Genji just came to the game, so he still has plenty of time to get more skins, but dear god is that Steel Dragon skin bland. It looks like someone took some plasticard to a G.I. Joe Snake Eyes action figure and ran with it.

The Evangelion recolor does make up for it’s lack of originality, that shit’s fire.

Cyberdemon Zarya
Cyberdemon Zarya just wants a hug Blizzard

Cyberdemon Zarya

Zarya has the worst skins out of all the heroes in Overwatch . You can either be a Russian soldier, a goth chick or an Olympic lifter if you managed to pull that skin during last summer’s event. She’s such a cool hero, but the Overwatch team keeps shortchanging her patch after patch. Cyberdemon Zarya made every OW player’s mouth drool the first time they saw it: it’s edgy like Reaper, but sleek like Pharrah. Zarya might hate omnics, so might not be down for “edgelord” cosmetics, but who says skins have to be canon?

Soundblast Lucio has hearing problems Blizzard

Soundblast Lùcio

This skin definitely isn’t my jam, but it’s still pretty awesome. Compared to Zarya and Genji, Soundblast Lùcio looks kind of boring and bland, it just looks like he’s been shoved inside a Power Rangers suit topped with Professor Xavier’s Cerebro helmet. I still think it would be a nice look for the DJ, whose Overwatch skins tend to focus on sports like hockey or soccer instead of power armor.