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Nexus Challenge 2.0 might get me to play Heroes Of The Storm Blizzard

Overwatch and Heroes Of The Storm fans got a nice surprise today: Nexus Challenge 2.0 is here. If you missed the Overwatch Oni Genji skin, here’s your chance to get it again, along with an Officer D.Va skin, Loot Boxes and a ton of HOTS mounts, sprays and banners.

Each week, you can play five Heroes Of The Storm games with a friend to unlock that week’s rewards. You can still get the stuff from weeks you’ve missed, you just have to play more games. It’s definitely worth playing as much as you can to earn all the prizes. I didn’t really want Oni Genji that bad, but I really want Officer D.Va.

You can earn the previous week's prizes even if you didn’t log onto Heroes Of The Storm that week. If you want all four tiers of goodies, you’ll have to play 20 games. If you just want weeks one and two and don’t need the hexagon mount, you only need to play 10 games. Games won’t stack, so you’ll actually have to wait until the week is up in order to have those games count.

The first Nexus Challenge gave Overwatch players who weren’t Genji mains little incentive to play Heroes Of The Storm . Now, even the most casual of players wants 10 loot boxes and picks up D.Va from time to time. I’ll be queuing up with randoms from reddit once this event goes live, League of Legends will always be my first MOBA love though.

The event starts this week, so if you didn't play during the first Nexus Challenge, now is your chance to get Oni Genji.

Here’s exactly what you can get in Nexus Challenge 2.0 from Overwatch reddit user SpriteGuy_000 :

Week 1

Genji Oni Skin
Oni Genji Icon
Oni Genji Spray

Heroes of the Storm
Oni Genji Portrait
Oni Genji Spray
Oni Genji Banner
Orochi Hovercycle Mount

Week 2
Officer DVa Skin
Heroes of the Storm
Busan Police Hovercycle

Week 3

Officer DVa Icon
Officer DVa Spray

Heroes of the Storm
Officer DVa Portrait
Officer Dva Spray
Officer DVa Banner
Overwatch Nexagon Mount

Week 4

10 Loot Boxes
Heroes of the Storm
10 Loot Chests

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