Cara Delevingne
Model and actress Cara Delevingne walking in the Saint Laurent show during Paris Fashion Week Sept. 29. Delevingne plays Margo in the film "Paper Towns," coming next year. Reuters

Shooting on the “Paper Towns” film adaptation is underway and novelist John Green has been filling in his fans every step of the way. The best-selling author, who is an executive producer of the movie, on Tuesday night posted an interview with the mystery/romance film's star, actress and model Cara Delevingne, on his popular VlogBrothers YouTube channel.

“I was actually by myself, which was a bit sad,” Delevingne, 22, said when discussing how she learned she won the leading role of Margo in the adaptation of Green’s 2008 book. “I was in a hotel room, getting ready for work and I got a call,” she said. “I just started crying. It was too much.”

While Green, 37, said he knew all along the British beauty would be cast as Margo Roth Spiegelman, a character who is both mischievous and spontaneous, Delevingne says her strong connection to the character is what ultimately helped her secure the role.

“I think that I got the part because a lot of the stories that [Margo] went through in the book and all those kind of things, I’ve been through before," she said. "And a lot of the lines that they’ve written in the script I’ve said before,” she said.

Delevingne said Margo, like herself, runs on her instincts. “She just does what she feels in the moment and doesn’t really think about the consequences,” she said.

While her “Paper Towns” co-star Nat Wolff, 19, was not present for the interview, Delevingne did dish about her on-screen lover, calling him funny, delicious and “nutritious.” She also had nothing but kind things to say when a question arose about the 19-year-old's kissing skills.

“He’s a good kisser. He’s a really good kisser,” she said. “I was actually talking about him with a friend of mine whose also kissed him and we had a whole conversation about that he’s a good kisser, surprisingly good.”

The interview took a turn for the weird when Delevingne, wearing a coat with ears, exposed her spunky self by touching Green’s face, complimenting his eyebrows and describing her dream job.

“[I want to be] president, prime minister, astronaut. An alien-fighting Princess Peach with a steroid-injecting angel gun with wings, on a unicorn, multicolored, with golden eyes,” she said. “Or I want to be a lion/monkey.”

Green, who is best known for his 2012 book “The Fault in Our Stars,” has previously used his YouTube account to post updates on the "Paper Towns" film. Last month, he revealed that some of his fellow YouTube stars, Tyler Oakley, Hannah Hart and Ingrid Nilsen, had visited the film's set. Whether any of the trio will have a cameo in the movie remains to be seen.

“We’re shooting some of the abandoned mini-mall scenes today and I can’t show you, but agh, I’m so excited,” Green said in his Nov. 17 video, “Combines and Movie Magic: Pizzamas Day 6.” His video update also showed how he spends his days on set.

“Everyone tries to figure out how to make the movie good and they're like, ‘Well, John what do you think?’ And I’m like, I think that this is amazing! Every take is ridiculously good. The camera work is much better than in my vlog and the acting is astonishingly good!” he said. “And then they all go back to talking about lighting and stuff, so basically, I don’t really have a job.”

“Paper Towns” hits theaters June 5, 2015.