Paris Hilton had a hectic week while attending various fashion show events. She had to stock up on her coffee to make it through the week, and she shared a hilarious video on social media that showed her drinking from her boot.

A hectic schedule means that Hilton had to take her coffee on the go. She took two cups of her favorite lattes from Starbucks and shared a video of how she managed to drink them in her car.

The video that Hilton shared on her Instagram page was filmed by Kevin Ostajewski, who she tagged in her post. The problem the celebrity faced in her car with her two cups of coffee is that there were no cup holders, but she had a trick to overcome this problem.

Going to different fashion shows means that Hilton gets to buy and carry new clothes and shoes. She had with her a brand new pair of boots, which she used as cup holders for her coffee.

The person holding the camera can be heard giggling, as Hilton stuck the cups in each of her boots. The celebrity picked up a boot and drank her latte from it while showcasing the brand her shoes.

While Hilton is busy with fashion show events, she has also been promoting her products online. She recently announced the launch of a new fragrance ELECTRIFY! on her Instagram page.

“ I made this new fragrance for anyone who wants to make a statement and isn’t afraid to show their confidence, sensuality & captivating personality,” Hilton wrote.

Hilton has also been promoting her sense of fashion online. She wore a diamond headpiece recently, and shared a video of her dressed in a hot outfit that matched the diamonds. “Sparkling Diamonds,” she wrote in the post, and shared pictures of her in the dress and performing on stage.

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton is pictured arriving at the Fashion For Relief Cannes event on May 13, 2018, at Cannes Mandelieu Aeroport, southern France. Yann Coatsaliou/AFP/Getty Images