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  • Paris Hilton announced the passing of her beloved dog Harajuku B--ch Monday
  • Hilton said the chihuahua filled her life with so much love, loyalty and unforgettable moments
  • She shared that her late dog was not just a pet but also a family member and loyal friend

Paris Hilton is heartbroken over the passing of her beloved dog.

Hilton, 42, announced the death of her 23-year-old chihuahua, Harajuku B--ch, via Instagram Monday, alongside a series of photos of the pooch and her other dogs.

The "Paris in Love" star reflected on the "incredible" years she had with her late pet in the lengthy caption.

"Today, my heart breaks as I say goodbye to my precious chihuahua, Harajuku B--ch," she began. "For an incredible 23 years, she filled my life with so much love, loyalty, and unforgettable moments. ... She lived a long, beautiful and iconic life, surrounded by love until her final peaceful slumber. Words cannot express the immense pain I'm feeling right now."

Hilton went on to share that Harajuku was "more than just a pet; she was family to me, a loyal friend who was always by my side through every twist and turn life brought my way."

"From the glitz and glamour to the quiet moments behind the scenes, she was always there, a tiny ball of love, brightening up even the darkest of days. We shared so many memories, laughter, and tears," the entrepreneur continued.

She then thanked her beloved dog for the years they spent together and wrapped up her message with well-wishes for her "little angel."

"Rest peacefully, my sweet darling. Thank you for blessing my life with your unconditional love," she continued. "You will forever be my little angel, forever missed, and forever loved. ... You may be physically gone, but the imprint of your pawprints on my life will never fade. ... Rest gently, sweet friend, knowing that you will be cherished and missed always. Love and miss you forever."

In one of the photos she shared, Hilton can be seen carrying the pup in one hand while holding an umbrella in the other. Another picture showed the chihuahua surrounded by dog toys, including a Jimmy Chew shoe and a Pawda dog purse. In another photo, Harajuku can be seen looking out from the window of a pink vehicle.

Hilton received messages of comfort from her followers and fans. One expressed surprise at how long she was able to keep her dog, while another said she hoped her dog would be able to live as long as Harajuku did.

"Rest easy. ... She's [probably] eating treats and riding around in a pink convertible right now in heaven!!!" Benny Blanco wrote.

Another person wrote, "She was a perfect chocolate turtle, and 23 is epic. I'm not surprised she lived that long, if I was your dog I'd defy the odds to spend that time with you also."

"Oh no, I'm so sorry. ... She was such a little genius and so sweet. She knows she was very loved," another commented.

It wasn't the first time Hilton has had to say goodbye to one of her beloved dogs.

In 2015, Hilton announced the death of 14-year-old Tinkerbell, the chihuahua who earned acting credits in the reality TV show "The Simple Life."

"I will miss her & think about her for the rest of my life," she wrote on Instagram at the time. "I love you, Tinky."

Last year, Hilton revealed on Instagram that her pooch Diamond Baby went missing in Beverly Hills. Alongside clips and photos of the pup, she said that one of the movers helping them move homes may have left the door open, allowing the dog to run outside.

Four days after that post, Hilton said in a follow-up post that her dog was still missing. She offered a $10,000 reward without any question for anyone who could bring it back to her.

"It's been over a week and Diamond Baby is still missing. ... This has been one of the most painful experiences of my life. My heart is broken. ... I miss her so much and feel like part of me is gone without her next to me," she wrote.

Hilton has not shared an update on the search since October last year.

Paris Hilton
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