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  • Paris Hilton said she understood why people thought everything was handed to her
  • The famous DJ clarified that she's a self-made woman who did not depend on her family financially
  • Hilton said they were taught to work hard despite their wealth and privilege

Paris Hilton worked hard for the things she has now.

In an interview with Glamour published Thursday, Hilton talked about her life and growing up with privilege. However, she clarified that she didn't depend on her family for her finances.

"I really am a self-made woman," she told the magazine.

Hilton understood that it's easy for many to believe that what she has comes from her family because they are wealthy. One time, when she was filming "The Simple Life," her mom, Kathy Hilton, sent a private jet full of Chinese food from L.A.'s exclusive Mr. Chow on set.

"But I can understand why people would think [I've been handed it all] if they don't know my businesses and what I've accomplished," she added.

The DJ and reality star clarified that her parents didn't spoil them, and she was thankful for that.

"My family always instilled that hard work ethic in myself, my sister," Hilton continued. "That was something that was passed on from my great-grandfather to my grandfather and to my father; that having wealth and privilege, you can give your children whatever they want and more – but you're only going to destroy them. And I am so grateful because I could've ended up just like another one of these kids who lives off their family."

Hilton has tried her hand at various things, including acting, singing, cooking, presenting and fashion designing and has made a career as a DJ. She's the highest-paid female DJ in the world, commanding up to $1 million in a gig.

She also has 19 product lines, including clothing, lingerie, jewelry, sunglasses, skincare, dog accessories, cookware and 20 perfumes.

She developed the catchphrases "That's hot" and "Sliving," a combination of the word "slaying" and "living." She trademarked both phrases.

After completing the Glamour interview, a 10-hour cover shoot, just 48 hours after she welcomed her son, Phoenix Barron Hilton Reum, via surrogate, the interviewer asked her where she sees herself in 10 years.

"I just want to enjoy my life with my family and be normal," she responded.

"My mom has always said to me, 'Paris you've worked so hard, you've achieved so much, just sit back and smell the roses and enjoy it.' I don't know, I just finally feel like I'm building a real life, and I'm really living."

Hilton is set to release a new book, "Paris: The Memoir." Her memoir will hit shelves on March 14.

Paris Hilton
Before beginning a career as a DJ, socialite Paris Hilton starred on the FOX reality star "The Simple Life." REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni