A Hainan Airlines passenger traveling from Dublin to Edinburgh, Scotland, slammed the airline after finding coffee stains and discarded food around his seat.

Paul Lucas posted a video of the “disgusting ecomony class” to his YouTube channel on Sunday which showed the horrifying condition of the flight. In the video, Lucas removes the pillow from the seat and notices an “obvious and disgusting stain.” He then goes on to show food crumbs and coffee stains around his seat along with used cutlery and bottle lids. He then opens the tray table which has food spills on it.

"This aircraft has over two hours in Dublin, but it seems clear that this aircraft had not been properly cleaned in weeks, looking at the level of food waste in the sidewall,” he says. “Skytrax, a discredited airline consultancy, awarded the airline five stars, the maximum, for its cleanliness.”

“This situation was disgraceful, and not something to be tolerated by an airline which markets itself as 'five star,’” he adds.

He then moved to the toilet and found it to be of “acceptable standards.” Lucas also praised the flight’s punctual takeoff and free headphones. He, however, slammed the complimentary food that was given and warned travelers to avoid eating it as it was "dry, bland and flavorless.”

The video was viewed over 68,000 times with several people criticizing the airline for “not properly cleaning.”

“The cleanliness is indeed terrible. So gross!” a user commented. “That plane was exceptionally grim - what a shame ; it desperately needs a deep clean!” wrote another.

Hainan Airlines
A Hainan Airlines Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner sits on the tarmac at Beijing Capital International Airport, Feb. 20, 2014. Creative Commons/Kentaro Iemoto