• Nikole Mitchell just earned $47,000 month after switching careers from being a pastor to being a stripper
  • Michell offers coaching calls for those who want to experience financial abundance
  • The pastor-turned-stripper celebrated the anniversary of her living a life full of self-expression last month

Nikole Mitchell has not only accomplished her heart's desire to be a stripper, but she has also reached her financial goal. The pastor-turned-stripper is already earning more than what she wanted.

"I just had a $47,000 month," she wrote on Instagram.

"Holy s--t. It really happened!! I still remember my very first financial goal. After years of being broke, I decided in the Spring of 2018 I was going to make $2,000 a month. That felt HUGE to me!"

Initially, she wasn't sure how to make the money she had on her mind because she had no traditional job. But she did the work by addressing her limiting beliefs, tapping into her worthiness, vibrating with the feelings of abundance and identifying herself as someone who is already abundant.

"As Amanda Frances said, to create a permanent shift in your financial situation, you have to make a permanent shift in your consciousness. And that is what I have faithfully & consistently worked on since 2017," Mitchell continued.

"For the past 15 months I have been working on manifesting my very first $25,000 month. And not only did I hit my very first $25k month last month, I nearly doubled it!!!"

Mitchell shared some tips on how she made it. She suggested to work on one's inner self because it adds up to what one is taking actions for and to dream big and hold on to that dream with certainty because it will eventually pay off big time.

"As big as your dreams are, God dreams even bigger. So when you set a goal, know that it gets to be this or something better! Because that's how God rolls," she continued.

She also offered weekly group coaching calls for those who want to end 2020 with a high note, achieve their wildest dreams and become unstoppable.

Last month, Michell was featured in the New York Post where she shared some details about her life. She grew up in a conservative family and became a pastor. However, she had fantasized about being a stripper since she was young. But she was taught that her desires and body were innately sinful and bad.

In the same month, she congratulated herself for following her heart's desire and for choosing to live a life full of self-expression. She also thanked those who supported her.

"Happy One Year Anniversary to me to living fully unleashed & expressed," she wrote on Instagram.

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