Hulu’s hit comedy series “PEN15” about the woes of being in middle school has officially begun production, according to one of its stars and co-creators, Anna Konkle. The actress, who plays a fictionalized version of her 13-year-old self, confirmed on Instagram with a series of photos and videos that filming is underway.

The Instagram photos feature Konkle and Maya Erskine in some not-too-revealing sneak peeks at Season 2 of “PEN15.” The post is captioned:

“Proof of more episodes coming... My other photos give stuff away... please accept this semi experimental documentation in their place, in exchange for your extended patience and luv. Wuwu?”

Up until this point there hasn’t been any new information about “PEN15” Season 2, but Erskine told Entertainment Weekly last year about potential plot details. The two 7th grade girls would be remaining in 7th grade, which is the plan for any future seasons as well. The perpetually 13-year-old characters wouldn’t move on to high school since this isn’t like most conventional coming-of-age stories. The Instagram photos reflect this idea, showing the girls having not changed a bit since last season.

As “PEN15” season 1 last left off, we saw the two girls butting heads and attending their first school dance on their own. Their friendship was tested when Maya found out that Anna’s parents are getting a divorce, but even worse, she wasn’t the first to find out about it. The two eventually forgive each other and share an awkward dance with just the two of them on the dance floor.

Hulu renewed "PEN15" in May for Season 2. The second season will have 14 episodes. At press time, no release date has been issued by Konkle, Erskine, or Hulu.

Anna (Anna Konkle) and Maya (Maya Erskine) in Hulu's "PEN15." Alex Lombardi/Hulu