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11:59 - "People's Choice Awards 2015: Winner Robert Downey Jr. Reveals How He Picks His Movies, Tells Fans He Wants To 'Eat' Them"

11:50 - "Kaley Cuoco's Ex-Boyfriend, Johnny Galecki, Awkwardly Thanks Her Husband Ryan Sweeting At People's Choice Awards [VIDEO]"

11:40 - Favorite Movie Actress: Jennifer Lawrence, Favorite Movie: "Maleficent," Favorite Movie Duo: Shailene Woodley & Theo James (Divergent). Read all the winners here.

11:35 - Camilla Luddington ladies and gentlemen. 

11:30 - Robert Downey Jr. was busy on his phone during the People's Choice Awards.

11:28 - This happened:

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11: 24 - ICYMI: Iggy Azalea performed "Beg For It" at the 2015 People's Choice Awards:

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"Ben Affleck People's Choice Awards Speech: How To Donate To Eastern Congo Initiative"

11: 17 - It wasn't just our imagination, everyone looked stunning tonight. Check out the best red carpet looks for the 2015 People's Choice Awards.

11:10 - Tonight's People's Choice Awards was a frenzy of celebrity selfies. Check them out!

11:08 - "After 11 seasons, the cast of GreysABC still loves their audience's passion. #PeoplesChoice https://t.co/ndtzilFqih

— People's Choice (@peopleschoice) January 8, 2015 ">'Entourage' Movie Teased By Cast At 2015 People's Choice Awards"


11:05 - ICYMI:


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11:00 - Thanks for sticking with us everyone. We counted 5 "Mom" plugs throughout the show. How about you?

10:58: Favorite New TV Drama is "The Flash" and Favorite New TV Comedy is "Jane the Virgin." 

10:56 - "We'll keep doing our best for as long as you have us." - Johnny Galecki

10:56 - "The People's Choice" for Favorite TV Show is "Open envelop." Just kidding, it's "The Big Bang Theory" obviously. 

10:55 - ICYMI: The boys of Entourage reunited and it felt so good.

10:54 - No, no. We don't care what new show he's on. Rainn Wilson is Dwight K. Schrute. 

10:53 - "I wanna eat you up and you're not going anywhere." - Robert Downey Jr. 

10:52 - Oh, he's saying "thank you."

10:51 - What is Robery Downey Jr. talking about? 

10:50 - Surprise, surprise. Robert Downey Jr. wins more People's Choice Awards for Favorite Movie Actor AND Favorite Dramatic Movie Actor.

10:49 - REMINDER: "Want to help double the donation to eastern congo initiavte? Go to Walgreens or Duane Read between now and Saturday and buy any Cover Girl, Gillette or Olay products. For every unit sold, PNG will donate one dollar per unit." - People's Choice Awards

10:48 – Anna Faris’ mom likes Allison Janney better. HA!

10:46 - Yeah... "Jokes."

10:43 - ICYMI: Chris Evans won the award for Favorite Action Movie Actor.

10:42 - We're almost done. Check out what we have left for nominees. Who are you pulling for?

10:40 - We interupt your Iggy Azalea performance to bring you a tweet from Ben Affleck.

10:38 - Favorite Hip Hop Artist Iggy Azalea performs her hit "Beg For It." 

10:37 - "I'm so happy people have accepted me in this role at this stage... At this stage in my career." - Viola Davis

10:36 - People's Choice for Favorite Actor in a New TV Series goes to "How To Get Away With Murder's" Viola Davis!

10:35 - "Matt Bomer Wins 2015 People's Choice Award For Favorite Cable TV Actor After 'White Collar' Series Finale"

10:34 - Did anyone else miss Chris Evans help Betty White to the stage? Classy classy move Captain. 

10:32 - For all the back stage photos you can handle, check out the People's Choice Awards on Instagram

10:31 - ICYMI: Ellen DeGeneres accepts Favorite Day Time Talk Show Host.

10:30 - What's your favorite People's Choice New Year's Resolution? 

10:29 - "Grey's Anatomy" takes home Favorite TV Network Drama. Meanwhile Ellen Pompeo wins Favorite Dramatic TV actress.

10:26 - "This movie is about life and family and love." - Chloë Grace Moretz (dedicating her win to her recently departed grandmother).

10:26 - Chloë Grace Moretz has a lot of people to thank. At least she wrote something.

10:25 - Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress goes to Chloë Grace Moretz. Yay!

10:24 - The boys of "Entourage" are back! After 10 years, the movie is finally on its way.

10:23 - OK, but, real talk: We'd LOVE to see Flava Flav and Bill Nye host something. Just saying. 

10:21 - Did you miss Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting accept the award for Favorite Comedic Actress? Check it out here.

10:19 - On top of it all, "Gone Girl" wins Favorite Thriller movie. But they didn't let Ben accept twice. Whatever. 

10:17 - Affleck accepts his award on behalf of everyone who works on the Eastern Congo Initiative.

10:17 -

10: 17 - Affleck says he has trouble taking on the title of "humanitarian" since he feels there are some more deserving. Totally humble. 

10:16 - Who is going to think of the best Batman joke?

10:15 - "When you have problems on the scale of what's happening in Eastern Congo, the only way to repair that is not with one giant singular solution but rather brick, by brick, by brick." - Ben Affleck

10:13 - Amy Adams showering Ben Affleck for his humanitarian work. Read more about The Eastern Congo Initiative

10:13 - Did you miss Betty White's heartfelt acceptance speech? Check it out here!

10:11 - And Lady Antebellum is a fan of Lisa Edelstein. Now we know that too!

10:10 - Well, yeah. It would have been rude to ask them to sing and then not give them an award! Lady Antebellum wins Favorite Country Group.

10:09 -


10:08 - And just like that, "The Voice" wins Favorite TV Competition Show for the second year in a row. Totally legit. 

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10:04 - So year, Fallout Boy did well

10:02 - While Fallout Boy sings, let's take a moment and appreciate how cute "The McCarthys" are. 

10:01 -


10:00 - At long last. Fallout Boy is here to rock the house! 

9:59 - Chris Pratt already made the "parents" joke Kaley!

9:58 - The People have chosen Kaley Cuoco Sweeting for Favorite Comedic Actress.

9:57 - If you missed Chris Pratt in the opening of the People's Chocie Awards, you can check it out here!

9:57 - Tom Lennon steps out to deliver the 

9:55 - Ben Affleck will take home the Humanitarian Award. Find out what for!

9: 51 “What an incredible thing to have happen at the end of the series!” – Matt Bomer

9:51 Matt Bomer wins Favorite Cable TV Actor for his work on USA Network’s “White Collar.” 

9:48 - “I don’t win stuff so this is kinda cool!”

9:48 Two Broke Girls Present Chris Evans with the award for Favorite Action Movie Actor for “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”

9:38 - Better White takes home the award for favorite TV Icon. It's the sweetest thing ever. 

- “I get to be who I am and I get to be what I think is funny and smart and you obviously are liking it and I like that you like it. It really does mean so much to me and I’m very moved by this.” – Ellen DeGeneres

- Never fear, Ellen is here!

- The winner is Hunter Hunter Hayes. He’s accepting his award as we speak! It’s not so

- Perry is out to introduce the Favorite Country Star.

- Who are you pulling for in the remaining categories?

- Did you vote for the 2015 People's Chocie Awards? Some of us sure did.

- Katherine McPhee is here to introduce “Lady Antebellum as they sing their #PeoplesChoiceAwards nominated song. 

- Azalea is a fan of Dax Shepherd apparently. Now we all know. 

- Favorite Hip Hop Artist goes to Iggy Azalea.

- Monica Potter and Dax Shepherd are here to present the Favorite in Hip Hop Award because… well, obviously.

- Poor Emma Stone, she’s boggling!

- Adam Sandler didn't write a thing but he's accepting the award for the Favorite Comedic Movie Actor. "Thank you guys for, over all the years, being so nice to me." 

- Melissa McCarthy takes the first award of the evening as the Favorite Comedic Movie Actress.

- “American Gad-iator," we would watch that show. 

- Ben Affleck for favorite humanitarian. Did we miss something in “Gone Girl?”

- “Ellen DeGeneres said she was busy… Hi Ellen” Way to roll with the bit Ellen. So far the ladies are doing great. 

-Chris Pratt joining wife Anna Faris and Allison Janney in a pre-taped sketch. Could it be more charming? The girls hit the live stage with a bunch of fire behind them.