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When David Richard Petrillo created the brand Perfect Image, he had one goal in mind, which was to give people the power and confidence to take control of their own skin. David did not want people to be held back by the anxieties and worries of skin concerns that millions of people face, and the emotional and psychological effects it can have on someone. David focused on providing the tools, education, professional assistance, and products at an affordable price, all packaged up in an exciting home spa experience! He knew that going to these places can cost the customers a lot of time and money, and that is where David discovered a need and demand in the market.

Perfect Image offers chemical peels at affordable prices while also having a strong online marketplace presence beyond Amazon. Although, back in 2012, Perfect Image became one of its top selling online chemical peels which was a major achievement from an emerging skincare brand. This was a time when online shopping was still gaining popularity but hadn’t yet overtaken the physical shopping experience. But, Perfect Image proceeded to make it through and increased its market share. Continuing on its winning streak, Perfect Image has continued to gain more popularity worldwide which is why now the company has decided to offer a trial plan system to better serve its audience. The Trial plan is set to launch in January 2021.

The Trial Plan is a customized plan which allows customers to work with a professional one on one in a private messaging portal. It allows for people to track their progress and make changes to their routine using sample size products until they find the most effective products for their skin type and concerns. So, it is like having all the benefits of a spa or salon, but without breaking the bank, all the while doing it from the comfort of your home at your own time.

Perfect Image makes it super easy to understand the process. First you identify your main skin concern by selecting from the available options. This can be done through answering a few questions in the online skin quiz that the website provides. After answering a short series of questions, the system automatically recommends which products are best to get started with. But the careful planning for achieving your healthy skin goals doesn’t just end there; you have the option to start working with a professional which will guide you step by step and answer any questions you have before, during, or after the process. You can then also track your progress and be able to make your own amendments.

The online trial plan is unique to chemical peels, and not something that other companies offer, which gives Perfect Image its edge with its consumers. Furthermore, it is a unique way to suggest new products to the customers as the consultation results are customized solely for the user taking the trial plan. Although there are shopping assistants in physical stores who also guide you to make your shopping experience worth your time and money, they do not all offer assistance from a skincare expert. Further, communicating all your skin problems to an automated system producing a result based on statistics is much more reliable, and getting the assistance throughout your entire journey is very useful. Then the professional can remove any doubts that you may have as a customer before using any particular product.

The best thing about Perfect Image is that they understand that a customer may not know everything about their skin and provide resources, tools, and assistance to help each person navigate more easily. They also understand how difficult it can be for those who struggle with skin concerns, and make it a focus to help instill confidence through their products and the information they put out. They really are delivering onto their promise of having professional care in the comfort of your own home. Only time will tell how much people will enjoy the company’s trial plans, but from the looks of it, the strategy has all the right ingredients for a success.