Weird Al
Singer Alfred "Weird Al" Yankovic arrives at the 52nd annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles January 31, 2010. Reuters

Singer and comedian Weird Al Yankovic recently released his music video to Perform This Way, Yankovic's parody of Lady Gaga's hit song Born This Way. Yankovic performs in drag throughout the video and sports a series of Gaga-inspired costumes.

Gaga loves the song. I'm thrilled on many levels to hear this, because 1) I truly respect and admire Gaga as an artist and it pained me to think of her as having less than a great sense of humor, and 2) it means I GET TO PUT OUT MY ALBUM!, Yankovic posted in an April blog update.

Proceeds from the song and music video will go to the Human Rights Campaign, according to the same blog post.

Watch Perform This Way below or click here.