A bunch of thieves stole a pet pooch in Farmington Hills, Michigan, and would have been successful in kidnapping another, had it not been for the brave rescue attempt by the dogs’ owner.

The incident took place when the dog owner was walking his two pooches at about 6:45 p.m. EDT, Wednesday. Two or three suspects, passing the area in a vehicle, exited and asked the unidentified man if they could pet his dogs. However, soon they grabbed his pets, went inside and closed the door of the car.

As the suspects tried to drive away from the spot, the owner clung onto the moving vehicle in order to thwart the theft. As a result, he was dragged along the road for a short distance before being forced to give up the rescue attempt. He could only retrieve one of his pets in his valiant effort. The thieves made away with his one-year-old, 5-pound, brown Maltese/Yorkie mix named Hennessy.

The police were yet to locate the thieves or retrieve the canine. “Our hearts go out to the victim and his family, and we’re working very hard to identify who these suspects are,” said Assistant Police Chief Daniel Rodriguez, local newspaper CanDGNews reported. “We encourage the suspects at a minimum to just turn the dogs over to someone, whether it’s another law enforcement agency or us.”

The suspects were described as African-American males in their teens or early 20s. The driver of the silver subcompact vehicle, possibly a Chevy Aveo or Spark, was a female, who was in a similar age group as the other suspects.

“We haven’t identified any potential suspects, but we’re continuing to look at any video footage of that area to try to find someone that might have captured an image of the suspect vehicle or the suspects themselves,” he said, adding that authorities had increased the number of patrols in the area and were using every avenue to find potential leads.

He also wanted to assure the residents of Farmington Hills that the police were working diligently to catch the suspects responsible for the theft, but it was too early for him to determine how long it might take for them to close the case.

“I would hate to make any predictions on this because this is tough. These are unusual cases, so it’s really hard to say how long this is going to take,” he said. “It could be a matter of a phone call we get that identifies who these people might be, but at this time it would be hard for me to predict when we would be able to wrap this case up.”

Anyone with any information about the crime was requested to contact the Farmington Hills Police Department at (248) 871-2610.

A pooch is seen in Hollywood, California, June 25, 2012. Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images