Two pet groomers from Audrain County, Mexico, were charged with animal abuse Monday after they were caught on camera slamming a dog onto the grooming table.

Officials visited the dog grooming business on July 17 after receiving a report from a dog owner that her pet fell ill following a visit to the shop on July 8. The officials checked the CCTV footage in which the dog groomers, 24-year-old Taylor Haden Stout and 23-year-old James Kevin Johns Jr., were seen abusing the dog.

In the video, Stout was seen working with a Yorkshire Terrier when she suddenly slams the canine onto the grooming table in order to control it. She then holds one of its ears before shaking its head violently. She continues slamming the dog and at one point the canine loses its consciousness. According to the probable affidavit, Johns also abused the canine by shaking it repeatedly and using his body weight to restrain the dog.

The dog’s owner, Nancy Buck, said Stout informed her that the canine had a seizure during grooming. The following day, the dog fell very ill and began vomiting. The owner then rushed the dog to a nearby animal hospital.

Officials then interviewed the groomers who admitted to the actions. Following this, both of them were taken into custody.

Speaking to KOMU-TV, Karla Larkin, another customer said she brought her dog to the groomers for over two years and that she was in disbelief following the allegations. Speaking about Stout, Larkin said, "She seemed really nice, super nice. You just don't know what's going on anymore.”

"I was really just so shocked that it was Taylor because I had heard she had gone to work somewhere else. I was actually going to look her up so I could keep going to her,” Larkin added.

The groomers are no longer working at the grooming shop and will appear in court Sept. 18.

 A Yorkshire Terrier waits for judging at the Crufts dog show in Birmingham
A Yorkshire Terrier waits for judging at the Crufts dog show in Birmingham. Reuters