• Larry Colon paid Frankie Huertas-Rivera to perform an illegal c-section on his dog
  • Colon's daughter captured the video of the procedure and posted it on TikTok
  • The dog was taken to a veterinarian after the botched operation but didn't survive
  • The vet alerted the authorities after Colon told them about the illegal procedure

Two men were nabbed in Florida last week over an illegal c-section on a pregnant French Bulldog that led to the pet's death.

The dog's 50-year-old owner, Larry Colon, hired 33-year-old Frankie Huertas-Rivera, who claimed to be a veterinarian, to perform a c-section on his dog, Lyla. Colon's 15-year-old daughter captured the video of the surgery and posted it on TikTok, reported local news outlet Orlando Sentinel.

Lyla was laid down on a table in the living room of Colon's home in Clermont. The dog, who was awake and semi-sedated during the surgery, managed to deliver a total of eight puppies, an arrest affidavit said.

The video showed the dog in distress throughout the procedure. She was shaking and squirming in pain while Colon held her to the table and Huertas-Rivera cut into her abdomen.

Colon took the dog to the veterinarian after the botched operation but according to an office manager at the animal hospital, the dog was dead on arrival.

Lyla also had two dead unborn puppies inside her when she was brought to the vet, reported news outlet WESH.

Colon told the investigators that he had paid Huertas-Rivera $650 to perform the surgery as the latter claimed to be a licensed veterinarian. However, he admitted to the vet staff that he knew Huertas-Rivera was unlicensed and that the surgery should not have been done. He also shared that he just wanted to save money on vet bills.

Colon and Huertas-Rivera were arrested on third-degree felony charges of animal cruelty. Huertas-Rivera also faces an additional charge for practicing medicine without a license.

The incident came to light after an employee at the veterinary practice reported the incident to the police. According to medical reports, Lyla's cause of death was septic shock due to non-sterile surgery.

"They suffered unjust cruelty and suffering due to unethical medical services performed," the veterinarian told the investigators about the death of Lyla and her two unborn puppies.

The veterinarian had also advised Colon to get the surviving puppies to be examined by a licensed pet as soon as possible. But when the deputies visited Colon's home for investigation, they found out that the puppies had not been examined.

The dog was shaking and squirming in pain while the surgery was performed pixabay