A pet store employee has been fired after she was caught on camera hurling a puppy across the room in California.

The encounter happened at a Boutique in the Fairfax district. The prominent dog rescue and pet shop is often frequented by celebrities and is under investigation after the clip went public.

The video which was posted to Twitch begins inside the Bark n' Bitches boutique and illustrates several dogs running around the shop and barking.

Someone in the background could be heard shouting for the dogs to cut it out.

Unfortunately, things in the video begin to quickly escalate when a beige-colored dog starts to get into a scuffle with a smaller dog near an employee. The dog was seen nipping at another one.

At this time, the worker reached into the crowd of pups and grabbed the one dog by its neck.

She yelled at the pup to stop and violently tossed him across the room.

After he was grabbed his neck, the dog could be heard crying but went silent when he hit the ground. The impact as he hit the floor could be heard on the video.

The puppy ran underneath a bench, and several customers went to check on it.

The person recording later recording the video clarified the loud impact heard on the video was the beige puppy hitting its head as it landed.

A woman could be heard gasping as she rushed to where the puppy was and comforted it.

Another person could be heard saying that was not right. Others exclaimed at how the puppy landed on its head.

After the encounter, the video was posted to Twitch, and multiple people who were witnesses to the incident reported it to officials.

The establishment, which also rescues and gives homes to dogs, addressed the incident with a statement and a video by the shop owner, Shannon von Roemer.

She said what happened was inexcusable, and they will not tolerate any actions that place the rescues in harm’s way.

She concluded by claiming the appropriate actions had been taken.

In the post caption, the proprietor also apologized for the incident. She clarified the dog was okay and had been cleared by the veterinarian.

She also noted in the clip it was the first time in almost 14 years something like this had happened in her business. She also assured that the employee had been laid off from her job.

Pug Pixabay