Philip Seymour Hoffman
Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman poses during the photocall of the movie "The Master" at the 69th Venice Film Festival in Venice Sept. 1, 2012. Reuters/Max Rossi

Four people have been arrested on Tuesday and are being questioned in connection with the drugs found in Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Manhattan apartment, where he was found dead on Sunday.

According to reports, New York City police officers, who have been investigating the acclaimed actor’s sudden death, arrested four drug dealers, including a woman, after they raided three apartments at 302 Mott Street, in the Chinatown neighborhood of Manhattan.

Police sources reportedly said they also seized more than 350 bags of heroin from the three apartments.

They said the suspects arrested may have supplied Hoffman with the drugs that were found in his apartment and caused his death. However, nothing has been confirmed yet, as police continue probing the case and questioning the suspects.

The 46-year-old actor was found dead in his apartment on Sunday of an apparent drug overdose.

Police sources reportedly said the investigators found evidence of drug use in Hoffman’s apartment, including 50 glassines, which are the small plastic bags in which drugs are often sold, some of which were empty, and used and unused hypodermic needles, and multiple prescription drugs.

Preliminary tests on Tuesday revealed that the heroin recovered from the apartment did not have traces of fentanyl, a potent synthetic morphine that is often added to intensify heroin.

Some of the baggies found at Hoffman’s apartment had “Ace of Spades” written on them, while others were stamped “Ace of Hearts.” According to reports, the drugs that were seized from the four suspects did not have these marks on them.

On Tuesday, a law enforcement source told CNN that on the night before Hoffman’s death, he withdrew $1,200 from a grocery store ATM near his apartment. On Saturday night, he made six transactions at the ATM to get the money.

According to reports, a private funeral for the actor will be held on Friday in New York. Reports also said that a memorial is also being planned for the actor later this month.