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Danielle Bregoli, the notorious 13-year-old teen known for the catchphrase, "cash me outside," took to Instagram this week to show off her brand-new makeover.

In one of the pictures, Bregoli laid down on a white bed. Her red-dyed hair was down and wore a nude over-the-shoulder top with light blue jeans. Bregoli also had on a gold neckless and, of course, long manicured nails. "I been down so long it look like up to me," she wrote Sunday.

It appeared makeup artist Wanthy Rayos, photographer Liz Barclay, and hip-hop artist Jay Boogie were responsible for the newly renovated look, according to her caption.

The following day, Bregoli shared another picture with her hair up in a bun. She wore a gray body suit and had a fuzzy jacket that slightly fell off her shoulder. She sat on a white stool box and wore long black boots with the same necklace. "All you hoes need @fashionnova," she wrote, tagging the fashion brand responsible for her outfit.

Bregoli, who was reportedly hired for $30,000-$40,000 meet-and-greets, rose to stardom when she appeared on Dr. Phil last year with her mother to discuss her "out of control" behavioral problems.

Last month, the deviant teen and her friends were caught on camera fighting outside a bar in Lake Worth, Florida, with two women. The strangers taunted Bregoli's curfew, as well as her signature phrase.

A few weeks before the brawl, Bregoli was banned for life from flying Spirit Airlines after an onboard altercation she had with a woman. The act was also caught on camera.

The Florida teenager also appeared in rapper Kodak Black's music video early last month. She lip-synced inside a Rolls Royce, as well as posing outside of the vehicle, flashing money and pretending to pull triggers.