Pitch Perfect trailer
The "Pitch Perfect 2" trailer was filled with hilarious moments. Universal/Pitch Perfect 2

The “Pitch Perfect 2” trailer has been released, and it’s aca-mazing. The sequel to the 2012 a capella group comedy doesn’t hit theaters until May, but fans were already given their first look at the Barden Bellas back in action. The Bellas have moved up in the a capella world. They aren’t just competing against the Treble Makers this year. They’re competing against the world’s best teams. The trailer starts with a nostalgic, slowed-down version of “Cups” -- then a fart joke kicks off the comedy. The “Pitch Perfect 2” trailer is full of hilarious moments, and we picked out some of our favorite jokes.

Induction Ritual

Apparently, the Bellas have updated their welcoming ritual. While Beca (Anna Kendrick) had to partake in a creepy introduction ritual and drink fake blood (which was actually grape juice), it appears new members now just have to slide down a staircase. Fat Amy obviously takes the opportunity to go first, giving actress Rebel Wilson the opportunity to dive into physical comedy again.

Stacie Is Determined To Win

Fans who saw the first film will be happy to know that some of their favorite characters haven't changed at all. Stacie (Alexis Knapp) is still willing to sleep with anyone. When Fat Amy asks if she means “whatever it takes,” Stacie says she’s willing to do that as well. Thanks for the consistency, “Pitch Perfect 2.”

Fat Amy and Bumper

Bumper (Adam DeVine) and Fat Amy had some flirtation in the first “Pitch Perfect,” but nothing ever happened. It looks like that’ll change in the sequel – if Bumper learns to take a hint. The Treble Maker hits on Fat Amy, and she turns him down with a wink. Unfortunately, Bumper can’t figure out what that means. (Spoiler Alert: They're totally hooking up, according to Entertainment Weekly.)

Why American A Capella Teams Never Win

Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins return as the hilarious a capella judges Gail and John. They explain why no American team has ever won the global a capella competition -- because everyone hates Americans. It's Banks' only real scene in the trailer. While she might not have a huge part on screen, she is a big deal behind the scenes. She directed “Pitch Perfect 2,” so she is responsible for plenty of the hilarious moments.

Watch the hilarity for yourself in the trailer below:

“Pitch Perfect 2” will be released in theaters on May 15, 2015. What were your favorite moments from the trailer? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!