“Pitch Perfect 2” has us singing loud and off-key tunes around the office today with the release of the movie’s first two official cast members. Oh yeah, we said official. That makes the sequel of the musical comedy a real work in progress! So which two original stars were cast in the “Pitch Perfect 2” a cappella team? None other than Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson, of course.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the talented ladies have confirmed that they would be reprising their roles in “Pitched Perfect 2.” But that’s not all the news we have for you cup-banging fans. Elizabeth Banks, who played the hysterical role of Gail in "Pitch Perfect" (a commentator for the ICCA’s), will also be making her directorial debut as she guides the adorable flick to success.

Who else from the first movie will be featured in “Pitch Perfect 2”? Well, Kay Cannon who is responsible for the hysterical script of the original flick will be returning to the writer’s room to create witty lines for the cast. And Wilson has revealed she couldn’t be more excited for the talented screenwriter to bring "Fat Amy" back to life. “Our writer Kay Cannon is writing the second script. So, yeah, it's gonna be pretty awesome,” the Australian actress said, adding her enthusiasm that Jason Moore would also be joining the crew. "I'm excited about it. I loved doing the first one. Our director Jason Moore is back.”

The first installation, which was based around a women’s college group called The Barden Bella’s and their struggle for success, brought in more than $112 million at the worldwide box office. Not to mention, received raving reviews from critics and fans alike.

So, if you finally got “When I’m Gone” out of your head—think again. “Pitch Perfect 2” will be hitting theaters on May 15, 2015, which means you have plenty of time to keep relevantly humming the catchy tune.

Are you excited for “Pitch Perfect 2”? Which cast members from the original flick do you want to appear on the big screen in the sequel? Let us know in the comments section below!