Rebel Wilson was the talk of Twitter Sunday night after she accepted one of the Teen Choice Awards in a wet suit and then got bleeped while making a joke about the British boy band One Direction. So what exactly did Fat Amy say?

The Australian funny lady has appeared in films such as “Bridesmaids” and “Pitch Perfect,” and on Sunday night her joke was so dirty, it needed to be censored, according to Zap2it. Because she’s known for her raunchy sense of humor, it wasn’t surprising to most of her fans that she was bleeped during the “family friendly” awards show, but it didn’t stop them from wondering what she uttered.

Zap2it speculated that someone behind the scenes at the TCA show must have had a finger on the button while waiting for Wilson to say something inappropriate. The online site didn’t report what she said exactly, but instead insinuated that inquiring minds would just have to use their imaginations. Meanwhile, Twitter users appear to have an answer to the burning question.

Some social-media users flocked to the site to ask what exactly she said, while others provided the answer. In fact, it is pretty dirty. Raunchy enough that the editors at the International Business Times probably wouldn’t want it reported on, but this seems to be the gist of what Wilson said: “One direction is the same name I gave my ... ”

Even though the producers of the TCA show might not have liked what she said, tweeters praised the comedian. Check out some of their messages about the Australian superstar below: