Leaks hinted at several new features for the Google Pixel 2. Getty

Fans of the Google Pixel have been parsing over details for the upcoming Pixel 2, but Google may have indirectly unveiled several upcoming features itself. In a breakdown of Google’s latest beta for its official app, 9to5Google found several mentions of features that line up with past rumors around the Pixel 2.

Most significantly, the app has mentions of an Active Edge squeeze feature that would allow users to trigger actions like activating Google Assistant. In the app’s code, it mentions how users can customize what settings or actions the phone’s squeeze gesture could trigger. The feature has long been tied to the Pixel 2 and was most recently seen on HTC U11, which was released earlier this year.

Other mentions point to features that could head to the Pixel and other Android phones later this year. Google Assistant mentions in the app include alternative voices and custom activation keywords, along with enhanced smart home device control.

A potential feature called Routines could also allow users to automatically trigger several smart home actions at once. For users with lots of smart home devices, this could be an easy way to automate functions, like when you’re either entering your house or turning on your home entertainment system. Elsewhere, other features mentioned in the app beta include an expanded Sleep Sounds library to play ambient noise during the night, smarter podcast playback control and a revamped Google search bar. As with all beta code, these features aren’t a sure bet to reach consumers and could potentially change before they’re finalized.

Squeezable edges have been a long-time rumor for the Pixel 2 and the code mention further supports the likelihood that they’ll end up on the final phone. Additionally, the potential feature also lines up with production speculation for the Pixel 2. As with the original Pixel, LG and HTC have been both tied to being manufacturers for the new phones and if this ends up being the case, HTC wouldn’t find it hard to carry over one of their more notable features to the Google Phone.

The Pixel 2 is expected to officially be confirmed by Google during an Oct. 4 press event. As the successor to last year’s Pixel, the official Google-created phone will go head-to-head with other upper-scale smartphone releases like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Apple iPhone 8. Internally, the phone will include revamped specifications, larger internal storage and could drop the headphone jack.