Look at Facebook community pages, blogs and twitter feeds. "Horsemaning" or fake beheading is the latest Internet trend that has taken other popular trends like planking, owling and leisure diving to a whole new level.

A very popular way of taking pictures during the 1920s, horsemaning is currently experiencing a revival period with even celebrities seen taking the plunge.

It is believed that a 1920s picture of two horsemaning children were found during a garage sale and this instigated the resurgence of the trend. In this, people are seen imitating the Headless Horseman which is a popular character from the "Legend of the Sleepy Hollow".

Horsemaning involves creating an optical illusion by making one person lying with his head hidden while a second person exposes only his head in the picture.

As the crazy and awkward pictures of horsemaning started hitting the Internet, it was only a matter of time that other trends like planking and owling had to make way. People from different parts of the world started posting funny and intriguing horsemaning pictures appeared on popular horsemaning Facebook community pages.

Check out these bizarre horsemaning pictures and videos:

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