Japanese multimedia conglomerate Sony confirmed details of its forthcoming system update, version 2.50 for its eighth-generation PlayStation 4, late Wednesday. The update will add a long-awaited suspend/resume capability, 60 frames-per-second support for Remote Play and Share Play, and new accessibility options. The company didn't reveal when the update would launch.

Details of the system update leaked last week when Sony Computer Entertainment sent an email to PlayStation MVPs that contained data on a beta test for version 2.50.

Scott McCarthy, SCEA director of product planning and software innovation, confirmed that the suspend-and-resume option will be available for nearly all PS4 titles. Players will simply have to put their PS4 in rest mode and then pick up their DualShock 4 wireless controller when they wish to get directly back to the game.

"When it's time to log off, simply put your PS4 in Rest Mode and when you power up the next time, you'll start your game where you left off,” McCarthy said on the PlayStation Blog on Wednesday.

Players will also be able to connect with their Facebook friends over the PlayStation network by linking their personal accounts from the popular social media site.

They will also have the ability to share clips to video sharing site DailyMotion. The “trophies” feature has also been improved, and players can now share the gaming moments that they’re most proud of. They can even remove games from the trophy list that have zero percent completion.

Those players with subaccounts also will be able to upgrade to a PlayStation master account once they turn 18. This will remove chat and talk restrictions while adding unlimited purchases and more.