When Sony’s Jim Ryan announced the release window of PlayStation 5 and shared more details about the company’s next-generation gaming console, most of these are mere confirmations of what we have already heard from leaks and speculations. While there is still a lot that we need to know about the PS5, there is one major feature that Sony’s upcoming console has that Xbox Scarlett or the PC could not offer. Thanks to its next-generation technology and Solid State Drive, the PlayStation 5 can ease one of the greatest burdens that gamers are frustrated about.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Lead System Architect Mark Cerny, in his interview with Wired, discussed the details about PlayStation 5’s Solid State Drive (SSD). The high-performance SSD of the PS5 will replace the usual disc-shaped hard drive present in the current generation gaming console. Additionally, the SSD will not only offer faster speed but also dramatically impact the overall game design while giving game developers the freedom to do their plans with the game without the need to worry about loading times, among other things.

New PlayStation boss John Kodera supports the release of more single-player games. REUTERS/Benoit Tessier

But, SSD is not only limited by these capabilities and performance enhancements. In fact, Cerny explained the efficiency of the PlayStation 5’s SSD in handling data, which enables users to access a more configurable installation process. Cerny underlined that instead of handling games as a bulk sum of data, the PlayStation 5 would enable finer-grained access to data.

In other words, PlayStation 5 owners can download various parts of the game separately. Users can choose which part of the game they want to download and access first. For example, if a player wants to go directly to the game’s multiplayer, he does not need to download the entire game; instead, he can simply install the multiplayer portion first and save the installing of other parts of the game for later.

With PlayStation 5, players do not need to wait for the whole game to finish installing before they get to access it. This is one major feature that the PlayStation 5 promises to bring to the gaming industry that the PC could not offer. So far, we do not know if Microsoft’s Xbox Scarlett has the same capability.