Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) Worldwide Studios Chairman Shawn Layden has confirmed that PlayStation developers are making “fewer but bigger” games. What will this mean for upcoming PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 releases?

According to CNet, Layden is now making steps to avoid any gigantic blunders when it comes to game releases as these don’t only affect the developers but also the console they are available on.

CNet noted that Bethesda’s "Fallout 76" and EA’s "Battlefield V" have been some of the most disappointing releases in 2018, and they got beat up by streamers, Youtubers and the media for their dismal state on the first day of release. In some cases, legal action was even brought against these developers and became the basis for new rulings that affects all developers in the video game industry. To avoid these issues, Layden encouraged developers to delay a game instead of releasing it in its unfinished state.

Due to this, we can be rest assured that incoming releases for the PlayStation 4 and the titles for PlayStation 5 will have good quality. Over the past few years, many AAA games were released that often relied on additional DLC and updates to further extend the player experience for its fans. However, many players got tired of this method as most of these DLCs were paid.

In light of their new philosophy when it comes to releases, Layden also confirmed their “first, best, and must” policy when it comes to games. The games to be added on the PlayStation’s library must be “the first or best of its kind/genre” or “must support a new technology to the PlayStation platform.”

Lastly, Sony also explained why they aren’t showing up for E3 2019. It seems that Sony is creating the Destination Playstation in February where Sony will talk with their retailers and third-party partners. Layden noted that the Electronic Entertainment Expo has been less of a trade show and would want their business side of the event. While Sony has yet to say if they’re returning to E3 next year, it’s great to know that they have another event that’ll keep their fans updated on PlayStation news. At best, we may hear details about the PlayStation 5 during this event too.