Sony has announced another first-person horror game for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR called “The Persistence.” The upcoming game, developed by Liverpool-based studio Firesprite includes a unique co-op experience.

The game is set in the year 2521 inside a space vessel called “The Persistence.” The crew of the ship has been mutated for some reason and the player will now have to sneak, hide or fight in order to escape. When a player dies, the ship’s computer, IRIS, will wake up another passenger from cryosleep and then it will be their turn to try and escape.

The Persistence
"The Persistence" will force players to fight through mutated creatures in order to escape. Sony/Firesprite

Unlike most games, the map and the layout of the vessel changes every time a player dies. This means that the next time they play, items and power-up locations have been changed, as well as the type of enemies a player can encounter.

This adds a different level of difficulty for players while also providing them with different and unique experiences each time they play. “As for weapons, your trusty sidearm is the Stem Cell Harvester, which syphons precious cells from enemies, with fatal results,” Sony’s social media director Sid Shuman said on the PlayStation Blog.

“The Gravity Bomb drops a miniature black hole to devour nearby mutants, while a Rage Serum injector grants you temporary super-strength for hand-to-hand pummeling. There are more conventional firearms, too, including a pistol that fires dark-energy-infused rounds.”

One of the problems of virtual reality games is that people will have to wait their turn in order to play. Luckily, Firesprite has included a very fun mechanism that allows one’s friends to play along while the main player is trying to escape.

“The Persistence” comes with a companion smartphone app. While a player is going through the game, his or her friend can get on the app and see the map of the ship. They friend will be able to guide the player through the game, or even deliberately make the player take a wrong turn to cause some horrific fun. A friend that’s on the “The Persistence” companion app will also be able to control doors, distract enemies and disable traps, according to Eurogamer.

“The Persistence” appears to be a PlayStation 4/ PS VR exclusive. Firesprite hasn’t been given a release date yet, and it might still be in the middle of development.