Sony's next-generation Playstation game-console has been plagued with a number of delays, high-prices, and technical difficulties, however, this past weekend at the 2006 Tokyo Game Show, the company gave gamers, developers, and investors a taste of what's to come.

The Japan-based company demonstrated playable titles, high-definition output, as well as online, multiplayer networks.

We are incrementally more positive on the sector heading toward the launch of the Sony PlayStation 3, commented Paul-Jon McNealy, gaming analyst at American Technology Research.

Sony demonstrated a number of titles at the event, including SNE first-party titles such as Warhawk, Resistance: Fall of Man, Genji, and Motorstorm.

We believe that Resistance, being developed by the Insomniac Studio exclusively for the PS3, may be the 'must-have' title at launch, McNealy said, especially with its 40-person online multiplayer connectivity.

The new system also showcased its hi-definition capabilities, including the ability to render games at full 1080p resolution - the highest HD resolution available.

To put this in perspective, he continues, some of the games we saw 10 days ago for the Xbox 360 demonstrated running at 30 FPS at 720p looked great in our opinion, but, 60FPS at 1080p looked better.

Sony had nearly 200 Playstation3 consoles on the floor that were virtually all final hardware. Given that the hardware looks nearly complete, the research firm continues to believe that 2 million unite will be shipped for the 2006 calendar year, in line with Sony's predictions.