• "Pokemon Cafe Mix" is a puzzle game where players run a cafe which caters to Pokemon
  • Solve puzzles to serve Pokemon the dishes they order and even hire Pokemon to join your staff
  • Use the abilities of Pokemon staff to solve puzzles and even expand your cafe to attract even more new Pokemon to serve

Have you ever thought of running a café that not only serves Pokemon customers, it also has Pokemon as part of the staff?

That is the scenario presented by “Pokemon Café Mix,” an adorable new puzzle game coming to the Nintendo Switch and compatible smart devices. At the recent Pokemon Presents streaming event, The Nintendo Company announced this “free-to-start” experience where players can recruit Pokemon to build their own café.

The challenge, as reported by The Verge is that, in order to serve dishes, you first have to complete a puzzle.

In the trailer for “Pokemon Café Mix,” you’re the owner of a café that Pokemon visit. Fulfill their orders by challenging fun puzzles. In a departure from classic puzzle games like “Tetris” or “Columns,” you can link Pokemon icons by swirling them around in this unique puzzle game. Puzzles keep changing so enjoy preparing cute and yummy drinks and dishes. Your customers are all Pokemon that love visiting your café, and Pokemon you befriend can help you out by joining your staff.

As players complete puzzles to build a world-class café, they will face obstacles such as sugar cubes, dollops of whipped cream, and even tomatoes. Use your puzzle skills to clear them and employ the Pokemon on your staff to help out. Each Pokemon staff member has a specialty so players can match that specialty with a dish or drink is made for bonuses in puzzles. Imagine Charmander using fire breath to heat your coffee!

Progressing in “Pokemon Café Mix” means the café is growing in popularity, and that allows players to even expand that café space. Get new tools, expand your menu, and your café will be a hit, then new Pokemon that hear about your café might even stop by as new customers. You can tap Eevee, Bulbasaur, or even Machoke to help build another wing in your café.

The premise is clearly fun, but perhaps more importantly according to The Verge, it is painfully cute. With a storybook-like art style and nice touches like café uniforms for each Pokemon to boot. Even better news is that this game is coming out very soon. “Pokemon Café Mix” will launch on June 23 on both Nintendo Switch and compatible smart devices.

Pokémon Sword and Shield - Grookey
Grookey is one of the starter Pokémon in the Nintendo Switch titles Pokémon Sword and Shield. Nintendo