Pokémon is all the rage these days, following the release of “Pokémon GO” on iOS and Android platforms and “Pokémon Sun and Moon” on the Nintendo 3DS handheld console. And it seems, some gamers just can’t have enough of the franchise that they’ve decided to come up with their own.

This week, the spotlight is on “Pokémon Cobalt & Amethyst,” a distinct Pokémon-inspired role-playing game that takes place inside of Mojang’s famous sandbox game, “Minecraft.” The new game isn’t part of the Pokémon franchise, so don’t expect it to be related or remotely similar with Game Freak’s “Pokémon Sun and Moon.”

It does have the same gaming mechanics as any other Pokémon game, but it is nowhere near them when it comes to graphics. Plus, what you have in this Minecraft map are pocket monsters that are not part of the official Pokédex. All of the 136 Pokémon in “Pokémon Cobalt & Amethyst” were made and designed to be different from the ones in the games. They do not even resemble the seventh-generation creatures and the Alola forms present in “Pokémon Sun and Moon’s” Alola region.

Despite the conspicuous disparity of this new Pokémon RPG from The Pokémon Company’s official games, it still delivers the gaming experience typical of all Pokémon games. It tasks the players to be Trainers who are willing to battle it out in capturing and training Pokémon. Players are also capable of fighting other Trainers and challenging Gym Leaders in “Cobalt & Amethyst.”

According to the makers of the game, the storyline of this game centers on the protagonist’s journey to stop an antagonist from releasing “a Legendary darkness that demands tribute.” In this journey, the player will be assisted by the region’s Professor in taking down Team Tempest and in saving the lives of the people who are dear to the protagonist.

SlashGear lauded the creators of “Pokemon Cobalt and Amethyst” for having its own take on the famous franchise inside a vanilla Minecraft map. The tech news site also pointed out how this map does not require special mods to work. The only thing developers are recommending here is the use of Optifine to improve the performance of the game. The new Pokémon RPG runs on server 1.8.8 and it has a 60 to 80 hours of gameplay.