Festival Pikachu
“Pokémon GO” players are complaining about not seeing any Pikachu with festive party hat since the Pokémon Day Event started. Pokémon GO Blog/Niantic Labs

Did the Pokémon GO team just give players an empty promise when they announced Festive Pikachu for the Pokémon Day Event? Apparently, many players are currently complaining about not seeing any Pikachu with a festive party hat in their local area ever since the in-game event started.

Last Friday, Feb. 24, The Pokémon Go team announced on their blog that starting Feb. 26 until March 6, Pokémon Trainers will have the chance to catch Festive Pikachu or a Pikachu with a festive party hat. The perk is the team’s way of celebrating Pokémon Day, which is actually observed on Feb. 27. Trainers who obtained these special Pikachu during the event will get to keep them for good.

Because of its similarity to the special Santa Hat Pikachu that was introduced as part of the Christmas Event last December, many players were hoping for Party Hat Pikachu to have a normal spawn rate as well. Unfortunately, this is not the case for many Trainers.

A subreddit that user powrHouse55 started insinuates that Niantic may have designed Festive Pikachu to have a low spawn rate. The Redditor claims that despite going all over the town recently, he still has yet to encounter a Pikachu with a festive party hat. Comparing it to the Christmas event, he said that this Pokémon Day Event makes it impossible to catch the special Pikachu.

Many other Trainers agreed with what powrHouse55 wrote. User timbo4815 commented: “Agree 100 percent! I can usually find 1 or 2 Pikachu around my town, but I have not seen a single one in days.” Another user with the handle kingsumo_1 stated: “I’ve actually seen less PIkachu since the event started. Even if they were out of the way, I would occasionally at least see them nearby from time to time.”

The subreddit was flooded with numerous complaints over the same issue. User DickWallace even noted: “For something as big as Pokémon Day this is a slap in the face: an event for only a few regions that actually have Pikachu nests.”

Have you seen or caught a Festive Pikachu in your city since the event started? Or, is this problem also applicable to you? Tell us in the comments below.