Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke is scheduled to make an appearance at the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona, Spain this Tuesday, Feb. 28. Many “Pokémon GO” players are hoping that he will either discuss the upcoming features and updates of the mobile game, or just drop hints on what’s to come next now that the Gen 2 Update has been rolled out.

On the Mobile World Congress website, it is stated there that Hanke is set to hold a conference at Hall 4 Auditorium 1 from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. local time. The “Pokémon GO” creator and founder is actually one of the four speakers for “The Content Gold Rush” session at the largest exhibition for the mobile industry.

Hanke will be joined by Vivdeni CEO Arnaud de Puyfontaine, Huawei CEO Eric Xu and Turner CEO John Martin. The conference is going to be moderated by Caroline Hyde of Bloomberg Television, and it is going to mainly tackle content as an essential tool in customer acquisition and retention.

In the subreddit user nerdmeetsou opened on The Silph Road, he stated that though Hanke will mostly focus on the things that are relevant to the topic of the conference, it’s not unlikely for him to drop new information about “Pokémon GO.” After all, he is known to accidentally give hints on their roadmap for the hit mobile game whenever he makes a public appearance.

However, some fans of the augmented reality game are not really expecting a lot from Hanke’s appearance at MWC. Some are saying that it’s very likely for the Niantic CEO to just mention general stuff about the success of “Pokémon GO” and dodge questions pertaining to the features players have been asking for since day one, like PvP and the Trading System.

Reddit user Pudinx wrote: “Pretty sure he’ll claim the trading is still coming. And that they are figuring out how to implement PvP. He’ll talk about his plans on massive events, too. He always says the same thing.” Another Redditor with the handle rp3ron1 joked: “He will introduce new minor text fixes.”

For players interested in knowing what Hanke will talk about during his MWC appearance this Tuesday, here’s a link to stream the conference live.