One does not play “Pokémon GO” unprepared, especially when a generation update just arrived. With the launch of the Gen 2 Update late last week, Trainers who stocked specific Pokémon Candy for monsters with Gen 2 Evolutions had an instant advantage compared to players who didn’t. Therefore, it really pays to gather and save Candy for creatures you know have Evolutions in the next batch of Pokémon.

Reddit user thepearloather recently took the time to list and come up with a guide for Trainers who will go on a PokéHunt now that the Gen 2 Update is here. The Redditor also grouped the monsters based on the generation they come from and whether the upcoming creature to join their line is a de-evolved form. Also, most of the Evolutions for Gen 1 and Gen 2 Pokémon will come with the Gen 4 Update and not the Gen 3 Update, so don't be surprised to see a guide that is full of entries for Gen 4. Without further ado, check out the list below:

Gen 1 Pokemon

  • Magnemite Candy - Magnezone (Gen 4)
  • Lickitung Candy - Lickilicky (Gen 4)
  • Rhyhorn Candy - Rhyperior (Gen 4)
  • Tangela Candy - Tangrowth (Gen 4)
  • Electabuzz Candy - Electivire (Gen 4)
  • Magmar Candy - Magmortar (Gen 4)
  • Eevee Candy - Glaceon and Leafeon (Gen 4)
  • Porygon Candy - Porygon-Z (Gen 4)

Gen 1 Pokemon with de-evolves

  • Mr.Mine Candy - Mime Jr. (Gen 4)
  • Snorlax Candy - Munchlax (Gen 4)

Gen 2 Pokemon

  • Togepi Candy - Togekiss (Gen 4)
  • Yanma Candy - Yanmega (Gen 4)
  • Aipom Candy - Ambipom (Gen 4)
  • Gligar Candy - Gliscor (Gen 4)
  • Swinub Candy - Mamoswine (Gen 4)
  • Murkrow Candy - Honchkrow (Gen 4)
  • Sneasel Candy - Weavile (Gen 4)
  • Misdreavus Candy - Mismagius (Gen 4)

Gen 2 Pokemon with de-evolves

  • Marill Candy - Azurill (Gen 3)
  • Wobbuffet Candy - Wynaut (Gen 3)
  • Chansey Candy - Happiny (Gen 4)
  • Sudowoodo Candy - Bonsly (Gen 4)
  • Mantine Candy - Mantyke (Gen 4)

Other Reddit users who stumbled upon thepearloather’s guide were pleased with it. A user with the handle applefreakemily wrote: “Uprooted and saved for reference. As someone who was never SUPER into Pokemon and has only been learning which Pokemon evolve into what as I come across them, this is super helpful.” User AnimeLord1016 commented: “This is awesome! Thanks for this, it will definitely come in handy.”

Some pointed out that there won’t be a need to store Pokémon Candy for de-evolves. User Sezetsu stated: “No real reason to horde for the de-evolutions since you won’t need to power them up unless you get an amazing one.” User pokemong0g0g0 chimed in: “Kind’a doubt Candy will be used to acquire baby Pokémon in the future.”

Now that you know which Candy to stock, you may now continue with your Pokémon-hunting adventure. Hopefully, Gen 3 and Gen 4 won’t take as long to roll out as Gen 2, which took Niantic seven months to release.