Pokémon GO” players just keep getting better and better when it comes to unlocking the secrets in Niantic’s mobile gaming app and uncovering certain hacks that will be useful to all Trainers. The latest discovery players made recently has to do with how they can ensure that their Eevee would evolve to either be Gen 2 Evolutions Umbreon and Espeon.

This Thursday, Reddit user Gittakierwen started a thread on how assigning Eevee to be the Buddy Pokémon could help Trainers obtain Umbreon and Espeon. According to the Redditor, one should make an Eevee a Buddy and walk with it for 10km to obtain 2 Candy. This should be continued until enough Candy is present for the evolution process. With the sufficient amount of Pokémon Candy, the player could then evolve Eevee to either Umbreon and Espeon easily. The secret here is to evolve the creature at nighttime to get an Umbreon and evolve it at daytime for an Espeon.

However, Gittakierwen’s statement is still up for discussion. This means there is no confirmation yet if this trick really works for all. Some players who have stumbled upon the thread are hesitant to try it out, while others are questioning whether there is really a need to walk the Buddy Pokémon or would it already suffice to just assign it as Buddy and evolve the Eevee to its Gen 2 Evolutions provided there’s enough Candy to do so.

Previously, IBTimes reported about the renaming trick to transform Eevee to Umbreon and Espeon. This cheat requires one to rename his or her Eevee to either “Sakura” for Espeon or “Tamao” for Umbreon. The renamed Eevee can then transform to the Gen 2 creatures as long as there is enough Candy.

It’s not only Umbreon and Espeon that can be obtained through the renaming trick. Eurogamer reports that the Gen 1 Evolutions of Eevee can also be obtained by renaming Eevee to “Rainer” for Vaporeon, “Sparky” for Jolteon and “Pyro” for Flareon. Unfortunately, the nomenclature hack can only be used once. Meanwhile, the Buddy Pokémon trick for Eevee can be repeated again and again.