‘Pokémon Go’
More tricks and tips for how to play "Pokémon Go." Getty Images

“Pokémon GO” is one of the hottest — if not the hottest — games on the market right now, which means thousands are users are beckoning for tips and tricks to become the ultimate trainer. Luckily, there are plenty of ways players can level up. Continue reading for hacks on egg hatching, getting more storage, stardust, PokéCoins and more.

Egg hatching: While walking 2 kilometers isn’t that big of a deal for most people, 10 kilometers can be a little much for gamers who want to hatch their eggs as fast as possible. For reference, 10 kilometers equals 6.2 miles. The first thing gamers need are incubators, which can be obtained at PokéStops or bought. The best way to hatch an egg without walking is to drive slowly, like take a ride on a city bus, go for a bike ride, or firmly attach a device to a ceiling fan. Eggs won’t hatch if the speed of a vehicle is too fast. SO driving 70 miles per hour down the interstate won’t help speed things up. You just might get a ticket.

Storage: One of the problems with “Pokémon GO” is that only 250 pocket monsters can be held at a time. This is a problem, considering most people will catch 10 pidgeys on the daily and then not have any room for a Snorlax. Be sure to trade in extras to the professor. The only other way to get more space is to use 200 PokéCoins for 50 more slots, but it shouldn’t be necessary if duplicates are traded in.

How To Get More Stardust and PokéCoins: As most decorated Pokémon know, the easiest way to achieve stardust is to catch Pokémon. But at 100 points a pop, it’s not the most efficient way. Players can be rewarded with 500 stardust points and 10 PokéCoins for each monster that is kept at a gym, according to IGN.com. So, there are three Pokémon in a gym, which means up to 1500 points can be accumulate over a 24 hour period.

Turn Augmented Reality Off. This makes it easier to catch Pokémon. Even though it’s cool to see the pocket monsters IRL, Pokémon are more likely to sit still on a grassy field. It’s not completely fool proof, of course. They will occasionally bop around or swat away Pokéballs. To turn AR off, simply tap the AR toggle on the top right corner when catching a monster.

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