“Pokémon Go” data miners have found evidence in the game’s latest update that possibly leaks an upcoming feature. A new Buddy System mechanic may offer candy rewards for walking.

The findings were first located on the AeonLucid’s PogoProtos Github that’s typically used to monitor “Pokémon Go’s” traffic statistics. Amongst the analysis, several data strings were found that illustrate how the buddy mechanic works.

In simple terms, it appears that “Pokémon Go’s” Buddy System will essentially be a way to introduce walking Pokémon to the experience. Players will be able to set a specific Pokémon as their buddy and earn a candy reward for walking a certain amount of kilometers with it. It appears that trainers can have multiple Pokémon buddies, but there’s likely some kind of limitation in place for how much candy is doled out over a single day.

The most vivid traces of this mechanic come from a solitary data string called “GetBuddyWalkedResponse.” It features the subset “family_candy_id = 2.” There are also “BuddyPokemon” strings that measure “double start_km_walked” and “double last_km_awarded.” These phrases may look complex at first glance, but their purpose is clear. Those that walk buddy Pokémon a certain distance are rewarded with candy.

It’s also suggested that there will be different animations based on the type of buddy that’s being walked. Separate entries exist for “medium,” “shoulder,” “big” and “flying” alternatives. Mentions of “setting” a buddy Pokémon imply that possibly only one monster can be equipped as a buddy at a time, but it can eventually be swapped out for another.

These strings were located in “Pokémon Go’s” most recent 0.35.0 Android update. Publically, the patch introduced the appraisal IV calculator and changed Pokémon nest locations. Data miners have also found evidence of trading and new items buried within the code too. However, until any data mined feature is officially put to use, it technically doesn’t exist.

“Pokémon Go” is available now on Android and iOS.

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