We are now down to the final three weeks before “Pokémon Sun” and “Pokémon Moon” are officially released. The Nintendo 3DS-exclusive titles appear to be the highly anticipated releases this fall. Late last week, The Pokémon Company dropped another trailer for the game, and it introduced the Final Evolutions of the games’ three Starter Pokémon. Now, it is time to get to know them better.


Decidueye is the final evolved form of Rowlet that transforms into Dartrix for its first-generation evolution. As the final evolution Pokémon, Decidueye is categorized as an Arrow Quill Pokémon — a notable transformation from being a Grass Quill then a Blade Quill Pokémon. It is significantly taller than its pre-evolved forms at 5 feet and 03 inches. When it comes to typing, Decidueye is a Grass/Ghost-type Pokémon, which is a little peculiar since its pre-evolved forms are Grass/Flying-type. Just like its pre-evolved forms, it has the Ability called Overgrow.

Decidueye Pokemon-SunMoon.com

This Pokémon has the capacity to mask its presence from others, so they won’t notice its moves. Thanks to this, Decidueye can charge against its oblivious opponents easily in "Pokémon Sun and Moon." Game Freak designed this Grass/Ghost-type Pokémon to attack its enemies with an arrow quill from its wings in just a tenth of a second. What’s more is that it has impeccable aim to send its arrow quill toward its target from half a mile or more away.

There is word in "Pokémon Sun and Moon's" Alola region that some skilled Decidueye can do acrobatic curved shots that involves shooting arrows toward the sky and letting them drill down from above to pierce multiple targets. Also, Decidueye has a special Ghost-type physical move only it can learn, the Spirit Shackle. Without spilling the details how this move is executed, The Pokémon Company simply stated that this will incapacitate a rival Pokémon from fleeing the battle or even switching out for an ally. Despite its cool moves and skills, Decidueye gets easily flustered when an opponent does a surprise attack.


Incineroar is the bi-pedal final evolution of Litten once the latter has already transformed into its quadruped first-generation evolution, Torracat. This Fire/Dark-type Pokémon is quite tall at 5 feet and 11 inches. Game Freak categorized Incineroar as a Heel Pokémon. It can be noted that both Litten and Torracat are Fire Cat Pokémon. Similar to Decidueye, this evolved form also shares the same Ability as its pre-evolved forms, called Blaze. It has an exclusive Dark-type physical move called Darkest Lariat that enables it to deal damage while shielding the effects of stat changes its target is clearly affected by.

Incineroar Pokemon-SunMoon.com

At first glance, Incineroar is noticeably seen sporting a belt of flame surrounding its waistline. The Pokémon Company says this is called a “flame belt” and it is somehow like a championship belt because the flames burst or become stronger when its fighting spirit increases. The flame belt also has a special purpose, for Incineroar can unleash flames from it.

Incineroar is easily affected by the atmosphere surrounding it in "Pokémon Sun and Moon." In its official description, it is written there that its fighting spirit increases and its flame belt burns brighter when the crowd that watches its battle is pumped up. On the other hand, when the crowd is not that enthusiastic, it tends to lose focus and even fight shoddily. Incineroar also has a tendency to display a cold attitude when it is praised by young Pokémon and kids, though it is quite happy on the inside.

Unfortunately, many tend to dislike Litten’s final evolved form because it could get quite careless during battles and launch attacks that will not only hit its opponent, but also its opponent’s Trainer. As a result, many keep a distance from it. In addition to this, Incineroar is easily taken advantage of because it does not have the desire to fight weak or injured Pokémon.


Primarina is the final evolution of Popplio after the latter has evolved into Brionne. This Pokémon undergoes a category change for every stage just like Decidueye. As Popplio, it is a Sea Lion Pokémon. When it transforms into Brionne, it becomes a Pop Star Pokémon. And now that it is in its second-general evolution, it is a Soloist Pokémon. Not only that, Primarina also becomes a Water-Fairy-type Pokémon after being just a Water-type Pokémon in its pre-evolved forms. Another interesting feature of this Pokémon is its height. It is just as tall as Incineroar at 5 feet and 11 inches, even though it is not standing like the latter.

Primarina Pokemon-SunMoon.com

It isn’t categorized as a Soloist Pokémon for nothing. Primarina is actually a born singer. Her voice serves as its power. When it sings, it can control the balloons of water it also produces through dancing. These bubble-like balloons reflect moonlight, creating a somewhat magical scene. Since it is using its voice to control the balloons, its throat is its weak spot. Any injury or damage to its throat due to arid environments in "Pokémon Sun and Moon" or simply the straining of its vocal cords from back-to-back battles can render its voice useless. This is then seen as a grave problem.

Primarina produces two types of balloons — one that does not explode and another that explodes when touched. It uses the non-exploding types to trick its opponents, and it utilizes the exploding variety to cause explosions against its opponents. To do these attacks, Primarina uses its voice. It is said that this Pokémon knows a variety of songs because each colony of Primarina in the Alola region has its own song. Also, it has a special Water-type move called Sparkling Aria that interestingly heals the burns of the target it strikes.

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