"Pokemon Sun And Moon" Zubat Dragonite
"Pokemon Sun And Moon" rumors suggest that Zubat and Dragonite may get Alola forms in the new games. Placement on the official Japanese website might tease an incoming reveal. "Pokemon Sun And Moon" come to 3DS on Nov. 18. The Pokemon Company/Nintendo

“Pokemon Sun And Moon” reveals were the talk of the town earlier this week, and we’re already being teased about what could be coming next. As seen on the game’s Japanese site, new forms for Dragonite and Zubat may be on the way.

This conclusion can be drawn after taking a look at the homepage. Directly below a banner featuring the new Alola forms for Meowth, Marowak and Raichu, the following translated text can be read: “to ‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ also appear Dragonite and Zubat.” Imperfect grammar aside, the implication here is that these two popular Kanto-region monsters will find their way into the upcoming game.

Directly linked to that page are brand new Pokedex descriptions for Dragonite and its various evolutions. Their translations are more than a little awkward, but the point to drive home is that they even exist at all. What’s essentially been confirmed is that Dragonite is in the Alola Pokedex. As for Zubat, that description can be read by clicking a scrolling bar at the top of the page. The gen-one flying annoyance is situated right next to the Alola-exclusive Rowlet. Clearly, the two characters will be inhabiting the same area.

With that fact established, this rumor gains a lot of steam when considering how other Kanto-region Pokemon have been treated in “Sun And Moon” thus far. From Sandshrew, to Vulpix to the trio of other new forms released this week, what we clearly see is that no Kanto monsters exist in “Sun And Moon” in their original state. Ergo, if Dragonite and Zubat live in this tropical climate, it makes sense that they would also have some region-specific adaptations too. Just like the other revised members of the classic 150, these two seem fit to get new battle types and visual styles.

In other words, while it’s possible that Dragonite and Zubat could exist in their standard state, doing that doesn’t make sense given the pattern that the Pokemon Company has already established with its most recent reveals. Until an official trailer arrives, however, it’s probably safe to classify this assumption as a rumor.

As we inch closer to “Pokemon Sun And Moon’s” launch, more reveals are almost a guarantee. Franchise fans have long cited the official Japanese page as a decent source for accurate leaks, and that could be true in this case. Zubat and Dragonite’s prominent website placement could easily be teasing the next big showcase.

“Pokemon Sun And Moon” come to the Nintendo 3DS on Nov. 18.

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