Pokémon Sun And Moon tips have been flying out since the game’s release, so here’s a new one for those still playing the postgame that might want some extra challenge. It’s really easy to get an infinite number of Beast Balls, and the result is a brutally hard experience.

First you must get rid of any existing Beast Balls you may have by giving them to the Pokémon in your party. To do this, open your PC, go to the items tab, select your Beast Balls, choose a Pokémon and select “give.” Next, go see Looker at his hotel on Route 8 or Route 2. If you choose the “Tell me about Beast Balls” dialogue, he’ll give you one if your inventory is empty.

This process can be repeated as many times as you need it. It essentially means you can farm Beast Balls in bunches of six if you give one ball to each member of your party.

As those who have played through Sun And Moon will know, however, this exploit of sorts definitely has a limited set of uses. Beast Balls are sprinkled throughout the campaign, so players should have plenty by the time they reach the postgame. Something like this could be helpful if you impossibly fail at catching or missed a few of the more hidden ones along the way.

For true Pokémon masters, however, the lure of the Beast Ball is the potential challenge it allows. When catching Ultra Beasts, using a Beast Ball is essentially a way to seal a catch, but those odds drop to 0.1 for other Pokémon in the game. In other words, other monsters become 10 times more difficult to catch than they were previously. Catching a legendary in one of these would be a serious test of patience and a sign of status in the larger Pokémon community. Beast Balls also look pretty cool.

Beast Balls can transfer during breeding too. Obviously you won’t be able to use them on transfer-only Pokémon or Pokémon not caught in the wild, but, beyond that, the sky’s the limit. Females bred in Beast balls have the highest chance of passing the trait down to offspring.

Again, we realize this may not be the most useful of tips for trainers, but it certainly adds a substantial layer of difficulty to the post-game if you truly want it. The frustration may be a little hard to bear, of course. If you want to prove you’re the very best, this mission might be worth your time.

Pokémon Sun And Moon are available now on 3DS.

Do you have any need for more Beast Balls? Is this challenge pointless to you? Tell us in the comments section!