The Pokémon Company has released a new teaser for the upcoming 3DS-exclusive RPGS, “Pokémon Sun” and “Pokémon Moon.” The clip, which was uploaded on the company’s official YouTube channel yesterday, features new (not really) Pokémon and Alola forms, and it also shows the Z-Moves of two pocket monsters.

Nintendo had a Nintendo 3DS-focused live stream event yesterday, and the company did not waste time in revealing more exciting details about the upcoming “Pokémon Sun and Moon,” according to Polygon. The things that Nintendo shared are also featured in The Pokémon Company’s latest teaser trailer for the two games. The new video clip makes up for the drought of “Pokémon Sun and Moon” updates fans have been experiencing lately, because it introduces new Pokémon and Alola forms that will be joining the action when the games officially launch this November.

The newest teaser clip shows the addition of Ratatta’s Alola form, Snorlax and the latter’s pre-evolved form, Munchlax — all three have since been added into the Japanese Pokédex, but they have yet to be included in the U.S. version. It also shows how the Z-Moves of Alolan Raichu and Snorlax would look like in the games.

The Alolan Ratatta looks the same as the one from the original lineup, but since this one is going to be residing in the islands of the Alola Region, its skin has noticeably changed into black. Also, instead of whiskers, the rat Pokémon will sports what looks like a moustache close to its muzzle.

While the teaser clip does not share much about what to expect from Alolan Ratatta, the Pokédex on The Pokémon Company’s Japanese website says this nocturnal Pokémon likes to live in groups in urban areas. Alolan Rattata is also described as having the excellent ability to locate delicious food. Regarding its new form, The Pokémon Company says Rattata has evolved to its Alola form as a result of its battle for territory against previously introduced Pokémon, Yungoos.

Another newly revealed Pokémon is Snorlax, who is from the original lineup of pocket monsters. Fans of the franchise know Snorlax for being the laziest Pokémon who just eats, sleeps, eats and repeats the cycle over and over again. Interestingly, players of “Pokémon Sun and Moon” will see a different Snorlax, albeit one that is not in Alola form. According to Polygon, this new Snorlax is different from the ones featured in the previous games because it is on its feet when viewed in the Pokédex. And it seems the new Snorlax has gotten a power boost, since it can be seen unleashing its Z-Move in the teaser trailer.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a catch on when and how players can catch a Snorlax in “Pokémon Sun and Moon” because Nintendo has specified that only players who will buy “Pokémon Sun and Moon” by Jan. 11, 2017 would get a Munchlax on their games. Munchlax is the pre-evolved form of Snorlax, so this is just like saying that players will not see Snorlax unless they preorder the RPGs the said date.

If having Munchlax is not enough reason to purchase the game early, Nintendo’s next condition would surely pique the interest of enthusiastic players. Apparently, the special Pokémon Munchlax will come with a Snorlium Z, the item needed by players to unleash the Z-Move of Snorlax using the Z-Ring that, per the teaser trailer, is a very strong attack called Pulverizing Pancake, My Nintendo News has learned.

Another good thing about having a Munchlax is it has a special move called Happy Hour, and it is one that ensures players with twice as much prize money during Trainer battles. Sadly, players who are going to preorder the games would still need to wait months before they can get their hands on Munchlax, since Nintendo has specified on its U.S. site that Snorlax’s pre-evolved form will only become available for download starting Jan. 11.

Finally, the last bit that the teaser trailer showcases is the Z-Move of Alolan Raichu. Called Stoked Sparksurfer, the move involves Raichu riding its tail and surfing through the air while building up electricity all over its body in time for its physical attack against its opponent.

Are you excited for “Pokémon Sun and Moon”? Check out the new teaser trailer and share your thoughts in the comments below.