Dallas police Saturday arrested a man who had barricaded himself inside a room in the Omni Hotel, local media reported. The man surrendered without incident after a SWAT team arrived.

A friend of the man alerted police about 1 p.m., saying he was concerned his friend might hurt himself and his friend had a gun, police told KTVT, Dallas/Fort Worth. The SWAT team arrived and cleared the 12th floor of the Omni Hotel where the man had barricaded himself, leading to the standoff.

Senior Cpl. Demarquis Black told the Dallas Morning News the threat was contained to the floor the man was on and it, as well as the one above, was evacuated.

Police said it didn’t take long for the man to surrender, KTVT reported. He was taken into custody with no immediate decision on whether charges would be filed. He is being held for a mental evaluation, KXAS, Dallas, reported.

Nearly 20 police vehicles arrived and were parked by the Omni Hotel, blocking off part of Young and Market streets although guests were allowed to enter and exit the building during the incident.

A KXAS reporter tweeted it seemed like the “calmest standoff situation I've ever seen,” describing “happy music blaring” and “lots of folks at the pool.”

In May, a man barricaded himself in the nearby town of Mansfield, KTVT reported, also prompting the arrival of a SWAT team.