Drugs were found in Actor Anne Heches' system in preliminary testing released on Thursday, nearly one week after she crashed a car into a Los Angeles neighborhood home.

The crash that occurred on Friday caused the house to be "engulfed in flames" and led Heche, 53, to be hospitalized in critical condition and on a ventilator as of Thursday.

"Based on the blood draw, it revealed the presence of drugs, however additional testing is required to rule out any substances that were administered at the hospital as part of her medical treatment," The Los Angeles Police Department said in a statement.

"Additional testing has been sent out "to rule out anything that was administered at the hospital." "Any secondary drugs [takes] up to 30 days for [a] secondary test to come back," LAPD added.

The owner of the home that caught on fire, Lynne Mishele, says that she is "devastated by what happened to her on Friday."

A statement from Mishele's lawyer, Shawn Holley, states that she and her pets almost lost their lives and that all her sentimental items and property have been destroyed as a result of the crash.

Police will investigate the case as a DUI traffic collision due to there being a person in the house the Heche crashed into, along with the drugs being found in her system, according to the LAPD statement.