A Portland man been sentenced to prison for attempting to bribe a federal officer. He did so in an effort to get Immigration and Customs Enforcement to deport his wife.

Antonio Burgos’ marriage with his wife had taken a sour turn, with the couple going through divorce proceedings in 2018. The situation drove Burgos to the point where he followed an ICE officer near the Washington-Oregon border in spring of 2018. When Burgos finally reached the officer, he made the first of what would become multiple bribe offers to deport his El Salvadorian wife and their child.

Instead of accepting the bribe, the officer reported the bribe attempts to the ICE Office of Professional Responsibility who, in turn, planned a sting operation.

The sting was able to get Burgos on tape saying he would pay the officer as much as $4,000 to have his wife and child sent back to El Salvador.

Burgos and the officer then set up a meeting between the two that, from Burgos’ perspective, to pay the officer. Instead, he was arrested for bribery of a public official and later pled guilty.

Burgos has been sentenced to four months in federal prison along with three years under supervised release.

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