In the latest round of tabloid gossip, “Used to Love You” singer Gwen Stefani is a “pregnant bride” who is planning her “secret” wedding to Blake Shelton in Oklahoma. This is the story that is splashed on the cover of OK! magazine’s Wednesday issue.

The wedding will cost the celebrity couple $1 million, one of the tantalizing bullets reads. The magazine said they know the “secrets of their Oklahoma wedding,” like what Stefani’s ring and dress look like. They also said they know the gender of the baby and what Stefani and Shelton plan to name him or her.

The couple is in a rush to get married because “Gwen still believed you should be married before you have a baby,” so that’s why they are getting married this summer.

Gwen Stefani Considering Gwen Stefani is not yet divorced from Gavin Rossdale, she is probably not planning a secret wedding with 200 guests. Photo: OK! Magazine

The baby, who the magazine said was a girl, was planned. “They’ve been trying to get pregnant for months, so this would be an absolute dream come true,” an insider said.

It’s not the first time Stefani, 46, was reportedly pregnant. In January she was supposedly expecting twins, and before that, in November, she was rumored to be pregnant. "OK! is just publishing deceptive cover after deceptive cover, regardless of any inconsistencies or accuracy," Gossip Cop wrote, dismantling the cover story. "The tabloid has never known what’s going on with Shelton and Stefani, let alone any plans for a baby and wedding." 


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Aside from OK magazine’s story being tabloid fodder, like Gossip Cop debunked, Stefani couldn’t marry Shelton if she wanted to because she is still legally married to estranged husband Gavin Rossdale. They filed their divorce settlement Wednesday, Radar Online reported.

Stefani revealed she was inspired to write music after she realized her marriage to Rossdale was over. “I did not think anything. I wasn’t thinking. I was feeling and I was dying. And then I was just like, ‘You can’t go down like this!’ ” she told GQ magazine in March. “’You have to turn this into music. You have to try, at least.’ I was so embarrassed by just everything. I just didn’t want to be that person that just went down after all of that.”

On a more likely note, Shelton probably wants to wait until Stefani’s divorce is finalized to propose. “Blake could propose to Gwen very soon," a source told Us Weekly Wednesday. “Gwen is everything he wants.”


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