• The woman was four-and-a-half-months pregnant
  • The man grabbed his shoes and a few clothes before running outside the house
  • Two officers rescued a woman and her dog from a house next door that caught on fire

A pregnant Utah woman is being hailed a hero for saving her neighbor from a burning house while putting her life at risk.

Sarah Maughan, a four-and-a-half-month pregnant woman in West Jordan, saw her neighbor’s home on the other side of the street go up in flames Friday night.

"I came over to make sure nobody was in and I banged on the guy's door and he looked like a deer in headlights and his jaw dropped," Maughan said to KTVX. "The guy was asleep. He barely made it out."

After Maughan alerted him to the fire, the man jumped into action. He grabbed his shoes and a few clothes before running outside. The flames engulfed the house soon after.

According to West Jordan fire investigators, the fire started in the man's garage. They are investigating to determine the cause of it.

Maughan, who lives a couple of doors down, saw other neighbors had come out on their porches. However, she did not stay to ask if anyone was inside the house, but just ran toward the burning residence.

"I just reacted. Probably not the best idea, you know, being pregnant. But you know, I would hate to see the fire and know I didn't do anything and somebody died," Maughan said to KSL.

The house next to the man's also caught fire, following which two officers rushed inside and rescued a woman and her dog.

The man profusely thanked Maughan for waking him up and getting him out of the house. "He was very grateful. We were just kind of hugging each other," she said to the outlet. He's like, 'I would have been smoked out.' He says, 'I would have been dead if you hadn't banged on that door.'"

Maughan told the outlet she hopes someone would do the same if it were her family. "I just want people to start caring about one another," she added.

"I'm glad I did it because I would have hated to have seen it and not do anything and the gentleman would have died," Maughan said to KTVX.

The blaze lasted several hours and damaged many buildings in the area.

Fire Engine | Representational Image pixabay