It’s raining men for Aria in season four of “Pretty Little Liars.” The high school student is not only dangling a relationship between her teacher and former lover, Ezra … but she’s also playing cat and mouse with her martial arts teacher, Jake. Now fans of the ABC family series will be happy to know that ANOTHER guy is getting thrown into the mix.

The latest spoiler comes from E! Online, who teases that Ezra should be watching his back because “there’s a new hottie coming to Rosewood High School.” So, is this “new hottie” a fellow classmate of Aria’s? Nope -- his name is Jesse and he’s a faculty member! E! Online describes Jesse as a “new attractive guidance counselor” who is “laid-back, warm, genial -- and a potential recurring character.”

It’s not confirmed that Jesse will be a love interest for Aria, but it’s assumed as the site labels him “Aria catnip.” But when can we expect him to debut on the series? With Season 4A quickly coming to a close, Jesse might not appear until 4B premieres in January … which still leaves time for “Ezria” to rekindle that flame.

According to TVLine, an upcoming episode will have Ezra and Aria’s “worlds collide.” Aria’s Lucy Hale told the site that “You find out things about Ezra that you never knew about, and he’s let into this secret world of Aria and what she’s been dealing with with ‘A,’ which is very exciting for people to get to see.”

The latest drama with Ezra involves his baby momma Maggie trying to take their son Malcolm to Washington state. Although Maggie claims that she got accepted into a graduate program there, could she actually be getting driven out of town by “A?” Ezra’s drama and new information could also have something to do with him going to Spencer’s mom for legal advice. Perhaps Maggie is part of the “A” team and will use his former relationship with Aria as blackmail?

New episodes of “Pretty Little Liars” air on ABC Family on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. What do you think will happen between Aria and Ezra this season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.