Tension is high in Rosewood! After the explosive “Pretty Little Liars” season four premiere, viewers definitely won’t want to miss episode two, “Turn Of The Shoe.” A sneak peek video of the June 18 episode has leaked online and it begins to answer a question that fans have been dying to know -- what happened to Toby’s mother?

All “Pretty Little Liars” fans know currently is that Toby’s mother passed away and that his dad remarried Jenna’s mom. However, the season four premiere, “A Is For A-l-i-v-e,” teased that there might be something more to her death.

In a flashback in the premiere episode, viewers were able to see that Toby’s mother wasn’t in her right state of mind toward the end of her life. The scene showed that Alison was over Toby’s house and about to make a move on him when Toby’s mom walked in acting confused. Alison made a comment making fun of her, and Toby got defensive, demanding that Alison leave his house.

“Pretty Little Liars” fans later watched as “A” texted Toby, promising information on the death of his mom in exchange for him delivering Mona’s “Team A” RV. The preview video for episode two shows that Toby will come clean to Spencer about his recent involvement with “A.”

“Why are you here?” Spencer demands of Toby. “I don’t want to play anymore of your games.”

“I moved the RV,” he tells his girlfriend. “'A' asked for it in exchange for something that I wanted.”

“What did you want?” she asks, tearing up. “Did you think that making more deals with the devil was going to protect us? How did you even know where Mona parked it?”

“I didn’t,” Toby tells her defensively. “That was already on ‘A’s’ radar. All I did was … ”

But Spencer doesn’t let him finish. Cutting him off, she begins to yell that all he did was get rid of the one thing that could have helped them figure out who their stalker is.

“I know,” he says angrily, taking a stack of papers out of his backpack. He reveals to Spencer that in exchange for the RV, “A” gave him the transcript from his mother’s doctor at Radley … the night she killed herself.

Watch the sneak peek video below. You can catch episode two, “Turn Of The Shoe,” when it airs on ABC Family on Tuesday, June 18, at 8 p.m.